Saturday, April 12, 2008

april kit ( finally ) and guess who's sick...again?

guess i wasn't 100% over my 'bronchitis' thing by the time we went to the Gimli Getaway last weekend...or the lack of sleep and busy schedule of mine caught up to me...once again!
i went with courtney's classroom on wednesday all day for a field trip to the manitoba museum and by that evening was not feeling well...sick to my stomach not feeling well...
turns out i spent all day and night in bed thursday ( with the exception of frequent bathroom worshipping! ) dang, i HATE being sick! the stomach flu is so yucky...i probably picked it up from those little rats spending the day with them at the museum! HA! i suppose my immune system was on 'recharge' mode and not ready for a building full of elementary school germs!
today was a BLAH kinda day...i made myself manage last nights hall crop with help from my mom and friend Lori...
THANK YOU sooooo have no idea how much your help was appreciated last night!
today was still no better, probably worse with the yucky tummy thing...
SO...tired from lack of sleep, grumpy from feeling so horrible for 4 days now, there was no choice but to forefit courtney's dance competition this afternoon. Hmmph. we have only ever missed one before as courtney was really sick and now it was my turn. there's so much preparation put into these things and it's certainly disappointing to have to give it up the day of...
oh well. there will always be another one...
so...i've been chillin' out as much as i could here today...still in my p.j's... :O) ( 7:44pm )
i finally got the held up box with Making Memories paints from Canada Customs so in turn was able to FINALLY get the rest of the supplies to finish putting together the April Kits!!
Here it is:
( take note that after some kit subscriptions and last nights hall crop, as of right now, there are only 3 KITS LEFT! )
5 x Bo Bunny 12 x 12 patterned papers in 'Teen Chic'
3 x Bazzill 12 x 12 textured cardstock in lily white, princess and parakeet
1 pkg. Thickers foam alpha in pink rootbeer float
3 asst'd Doodlebug Paper Frills
1 Pine Cone Press Large Candy Tin ( hinged )
1 S.E.I 6 x 6 preservation series album in Pink
2 x Heidi Swapp XL photo corners in black swirl
2 x Bazzill Bling Blossoms in black
1 x Maya Road chipboard family keychain
3 yards asst'd Bazzill Basics ribbons
1 pkg. Doodlebug eyelets in Bubblegum
APRIL KIT $29can.

...despite me being 'cooped up' today ( need to stay close to the Porcelain God...hahaha ) courtney spent a couple hours outside with mike while he cleaned up the yard and pulled out all our patio furniture ( yayyyy, my swing! ) and of course, the kids' bikes!
here's courtney's first ride of 2008!! ( mike was the photographer)

...tyler is away visiting this weekend so he missed out on 'the ride' but at least he isn't subject right now to this unpleasant flu bug of mine!'s a few pic's from the field trip! thanks "Mr. D" for letting me come along and share an exciting day with the grade 4's!!!
( they were learning about the Inuit and soapstone carving in this session. we all got to make our own soapstone necklace to take home! )
( courtney's in the red shirt )

...think i'm gonna go have a nice warm shower and get me some fresh cozy p.j's and call it a nite..


Anonymous said...

I love all the neat stuff in your April kit - good thing I got mine Friday night. Take it easy my girl. Love Mom.

lori said...

hi kim
get better
glad i could help
its great seeing the kids out riding their bikes
take care

Tara said...

Save a kit for me (hoping there is still one left!)...

Hope you are feeling better! Didn't you take any Gravol or something? That stuff works like magic when you're sick...

Have a great day!

Dana L Gordon said...

I do hope you feel better really soon.
Can you save a kit for me. I do want one.

Kim said...

tara and dana...
i will hold onto one of the april kits for each of you!
please let me know when you will be picking them up? or any other arrangements that may be available to get them to you!!


Tara LeClaire said...

If Saturday's on, I'll get it then!

Tara LeClaire said...

If Saturday's on, I'll get it then!

Tara said...

Oops, sorry, didn't mean to post that twice

grover said...

what a GREAT looking kit..lots of fabulous goodies in there!!!!!!