Monday, April 21, 2008

fun weekend!

we had a fun and active weekend here at the Griffin's!
friday nights fundraising bingo bowl for the dance school went great! we made ( cleared after expenses ) $641...not too shabby with only 50 people!! the fundraising we do from here until june will all go into a 'scotland family' account and be split between the 7 families going overseas!
our next big fundraiser is a
MAY 10
( I will get the address and post more info soon! )
SOOOOO, if anyone has anything they would love to spring clean from their homes before then, i would gladly make arrangements with you to pick it up!
kids toys, books, baby needs and household items sell the best...but we will gladly accept anything you would like to donate to our fundraiser garage sale!
saturday was a very relaxed and most enjoyable 'girls day' that i spent with my mom, the lovely tara and her grams!! we all left our place around 10:30am and drove out to Winkler to visit the scrapbook store out there ( My Scrap Shopppe...she has lots of fabulous goodies there...and OHHHHH...such an awesome paper selection ) anyway, after some shopping, we all went to the tea house in town and enjoyed a delicious home made lunch!
very nice!

...after leaving winkler, we returned to our house to have an evening of scrapbooking together and a pot luck dinner!!
GREAT idea tara! i had soooo much fun, it was very relaxing and my mom enjoyed herself too, even though she didn't crop with us after....
must do it again soon!!
and then sunday afternoon we had a near disaster happen in our kitchen!!
i noticed in the morning while having breakfast together that the kitchen cupboards over the sink had "shifted" away from the ceiling...from over the winter?? mike checked it out as it looked to be 'loose' from the ceiling on the other end over the sink as well...
after returning home from courntey's private dance lesson, i found all the contents of those cupboards scattered on the table and stove and other countertop!!!
mike said he was emptying the dish washer and the cupboard sort of dropped down a bit when he put some plates in!!! this could have completely came loose and dropped on our heads!
so , mike proceeded to remove the entire cabinet off the wall and discovered that whoever installed them in the first place ( how many years ago?? ) did a realy crappy job of it and were barely hanging on! apparently they must not have known to install screws into studs...
anyway, i am looking at this as a BAD vs. GOOD incident as we are now contemplating buying and renovating the entire kitchen cupboards, tiles, sink and countertop....hmmmm...
the black and white backsplash tiles you see in this photo are since removed for renovating too...
big decision to make....
so until we make our final decision tomorrow, we are working around our dishes taking up what little counter space we already had and stepping around the cabinets on the kitchen floor! HA!


Tara said...

Oh no Kim! I can't believe that! You'll have to keep us posted on what you decide to do!

I had such a great time on Saturday!

Can't wait to do it again!


lori said...

thats terrible about the cupboard glad no one was hurt

i will start cleaning for garage sale items for u sounds like a good fundraiser for all of u