Wednesday, February 20, 2008

weekend catch up!!

...okay..i know i've been a bad blogger this week! we were really, really busy!!!
last friday i had a pizza party crop at home and actually got 3 layouts done!!! i used older photographs that were just sitting alone in my newly altered photo box so away i went!!
...this one is with a photo of courtney's very first chirstmas dance concert in 2002...just over 4 years old ( she's 9 now...)

...and this one of my grandparents is from a photo shoot i did of them in february 2000!!! told you they were older photos i dug out!! i've always LOVED this one!!

...for anyone who knows tyler well enough, they would know that tyler LOVES toonies!!! love = obsesss = wants them all!!! my mom gave each of the kids $10 with their valentine's treats and tyler almost fell of the floor in excitement when he opened his card from her!! it took a while to calm him down!! LOL!!!

...and my grandma got into the card making spirit with the kids this year and was helping them both make their family valentines together!! and as you can see, she also made her own valentine's as well!! she gave each of the kids a 50 pence coin and mike and i a 2 pound coin to add to our scottish currency collection for our trip!! the kids were thrilled to show off their 'scotland money'!!!!!! thanks Nana!!! hugs!!!

...grandma liz and papa ken also mailed us all valentines and tucked in $5 in the kids' cards...they eagerly added it to their scotland piggy banks...what ever happened to a chocolate heart and card for valentine's day?? man, kids are spoiled these days!!! hahahahaha!!!
on saturday courntey had her first Premier dance competition at the Convention Centre. It was also her first Championships competition too....there were a bunch of kids there from accross canada, mostly alberta, and they came and kids our winnpeg kids' butts!!! we weren't prepared to win anything as this was a huge and extremely tough competition, but courtney still won a medal in her highland fling dance and we were happy with that!! we are soooooo proud of her and all her hard work!! good job kiddo!!

...this is all the kids who placed in her class at the compeition, courtney is in blue at the end on the left!!!
( her friend kelsey is two over from her!! and good job to kelsey as well!! )

...i will be posting later this afternoon again as well as i have photographs to share with you for my surprise guest teacher for the feb. 29 mystery class!!!
stay warm everyone!!

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Tara said...

Those are some great Layouts Kim, I especially love the last one of your Grandparents!

Way to go Courtney on the Medal!

That is funny about the Toonies and the Piggy Banks! Hilarious!

Can't wait to see your next post!