Thursday, February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse...and beef tenderloin ( filet mignon )!!

with last night being the last lunar eclipse ( when the moon travels into earth's shadow and is hidden from the sunlight ) until 2010, i decided to let courtney stay up late last night to watch its progression!! late as in 10:30pm...YIKES...on a school night!!!
tyler was excited too because he had the best seat in the house because it was right out his bedroom window...
i made several trips outside once the eclipse began to try and take some photos...DANG was that a freezing cold task....thank goodness for tripods, ya know?
here's the best of 'em...





...and then by 11pm it was all back to a full moon!!!
pretty cool actually! hope you took time to see it for yourselves! I have checked out just a few of the hundreds of different websites out there to see telescopic photos of the eclipse, pretty cool!!
i made a beef tenderloin roast for dinner last night and i was soooo proud of myself as i had never done this kind of fancy / expensive roast before so i took extra care in it's preparation and it was so well worth it! we all like our steak done medium and i thought this was pretty close to perfectly done! had to share my excitement!!! mmmm, mmmmm was it good!!
...what's cooking for your dinner tonight???


Tara said...

Funny you ask, since I never cook. I am actually making Slow Cooker Ribs tonight! I appreciate the fact that the Slow Cooker does most of the work but this is pretty good for me.

"Kids, time for your nightly toast"! Haha, just kidding - it's just that usually Johnny does the cooking and I'm happy to clean it up.

So yeah, pretty pleased with myself right now. If he's lucky, he'll get Potatos and Veggies with it too.

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I'm not THAT bad!

So excited for Gimli! How many do you have now?


asyouwish.... said...

mmmmm, looks yummy! I didn't know about the eclipse therefore I didn't see it. I was out that night, and saw how low the moon (and how full) it was and thought, wow beautiful moon tonight. Only to find out the next morning at the bus stop that we had a lunar eclipse. Yoy! So it's nice to see actual pics! :P