Saturday, February 2, 2008

February Mini Kit Add On

February Add On / Mini Kit
1 12 x 12 bazzill textured cardstock in Bottle Glass
3 sheets edged patterned papers in Noteworthy by Making Memories
1 30 page spiral bound notebook in Noteworthy by Making Memories
1 yd. white cotton ribbon
...this all co-ordinates beautifully with the Feb. NOTEWORTHY kit!! ( following post for details )
Add On / Mini Kit SELL PRICE $12 plus pst.
(while quantities last )

...last night i went out with my mom and friends lori and thelma to a hall crop ( lora leigh's ) and got a few layouts done for courntey's PIRATE PARTY we had at home for her a year and a half ago....SEE??? i am always behind in my own scrapbooking....( too many pictures to blame...)
anyway, i made this first layout soon after her party with every intention of making her a special pirate album with her photos...then time was lost and last night i found myself in catch up mode...i still have many layouts to complete to add to the album, but here's to a wee start!!!

...after organizing all my photos the other day, i feel totally inspired to 'get things done'...but i must remind myself that there's only so many hours in the day and to take it one day at a time...
so, YOU TOO share my own advice ( in everything you do ) so you enjoy your days without overwhelming pressure and just do what you can and call it a day!!!
enjoy all your many blessings!!!


Tara said...

Such great layouts Kim! They're awesome!


Tara said...

I'll take an Add-on please!

Dana L Gordon said...

I love the layouts.
I would love an add on as well....

Tara said...

KiiiimmmmM! I'm going through Blog Withdrawal!!!


See you tonight!