Monday, October 8, 2007

still waiting..... get my digital camera back! WHAAA!!!
it has been 2 WEEKS today and i am in total withdrawl!!
they said it should be ready this week was something to do with the flash.
it just doesn't feel right to post without any photos, ya know??
so, a quick update on this past week...
courtney returned to Mini Manta last monday night, and tyler back to his Red Cross lessons on wednesday night...once he's 6 i will ask about putting him in Mini Manta as well..
courtney has decided to add more hustle to our crazy schedule and has decided last monday at swimming that she wants to do manta 2 X a week now instead of once! so i think that every night of the week we now have something going on! EXCEPT for saturday far! {GIGGLE}
we are getting ready for this coming weekends first fall dance competition on saturday afternoon...have to try on costumes today because i'm sure things are going to be needing some hemlines let down cuz' that girl grows too fast!!
the kids are deciding on what they want to dress as for halloween...every day it's something else, so they'll have to pick their 'final answer' soon!! i'm sure those of you with kids are going through the same dilema!
we are all going to my mom's today for THANKSGIVING dinner!! i am looking forward to being all together for a nice visit and some yummy turkey! mike's mom and dad had their dinner yesterday, but we were unable to go as courtney had a private lesson at noon and then i did a friend's family photo shoot right after and then work at 4pm....
i was hoping and planning for the 4 of us to go to the Fort Whyte Centre today to see the geese and do some of our own family pic's....but the crummy weather has literally put a 'damper' on our Thanksgiving afternoon plans.
'rain, rain, go away...come again some other day...'
oh well. what can you do?
it's official...
we will be travelling with courntey's dance teacher and 7 other families the last 3 weeks of next august to beautiful bonnie Scotland! we will be doing a lot of touring and sightseeing from Glasgow, up to Loch Ness, as far up the coast to Skye and back down through Edinburgh, Dundoon and back to Glasgow... courtney will be competing in 5 different competitions all through our travels and we are sooooo excited for this trip!! her teacher has shared some small details of the trip with us at a 'meeting' and it sure sounds like a busy, fun filled adventure! i am excited for many reasons...other than the simple fact that we're going to SCOTLAND...but courtney will be dancing mostly outdoors in the highland hills and mountains all around...hearing all those scottish accents....seeing all the different castles and old historic buildings...and i am sooooo stoked on doing some PHOTOGRAPHY pumped on that one!!
AND...(yes there's more! ) my family has extended family in Scotland as well, some of them have been here to canada before so i've met a handful of them, but now it's our turn to visit over there!!! i can hardly wait to see them again!!
so, that's our big and exciting news!!!
naturally, the dance school will be doing some 'fundraising' to help us all i give you our first 'dancer direct' fundraiser....

these 'SIMPLY DELICIOUS' fudge/creamy caramel/almond bars sell for $2 each and courtney (we) will receive 47% of our sales for our own family! every little bit helps so if you are interested in stocking up on these yummy bars, now's your chance!!!
please give us a call or email if you would like some!
WHEW!!! i think that's about it for our family update!! man, i hope i get my camera back by next weekend...i have things to show you and i NEED/WANT my baby back!!! heeheehee...
HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! i hope you all have some good happy quality time with your families over the weekend!!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Sign me up for 5!

Andrea said...

Good luck today, Kiddo! I'm thinking of you!