Monday, October 22, 2007

'honey, i'm home...'

...i had SUCH a great time with my mom this past weekend in Winkler at the smalltown scrappers getaway convention!! i actually got quite a few layouts completed and also made a few of the projects offered at classes too! i taught a painting/heidi swapp masks class on saturday afternoon and then went right back to it!!!
Good times...much needed R&R for mom...made some new friends and had many laughs!
i love going to these things...
here's one 81/2 x 11 layout i did for courtney's dance album...i usually scrap everything in 12 x 12 but her dance stuff is all since i don't know how to scan and stitch larger layouts together on my computer, this is all you're gonna get UNTIL I GET MY CAMERA BACK THIS WEEKK!!!!!
oh yah.
i was told on friday morning that they would have it ready and call me this week.
i've been sooooo, sooooooo lost without it.
as SOON as i get it back, i will be posting pictures of my october kits ( still have about 6 left ) and then, soon exciting November kits as well!!

( this layout was a simple 'slap it together' kind of layout...i promise when i take pic's of the 12 x 12's that there is definately more creativity there...)
i will be working on ironing out my november classes over the next couple days, so for those of you on my email contacts you will be getting it shortly!
if you would like to get more info about my classes and crops please drop me a line in my comments on my blog or you can email me at
...while mom and i were out of town this weekend, my brother Curtis and Mike helped out with my grandparents. when i dropped mom off at home yesterday i stayed for a little visit with G & G and they seemed to have enjoyed the peace and quiet there too! They had a relaxed weekend with no complications that my bro and hubby couldn't was a good weekend for all!!
...i can't help but feel a little guilty right now, but i am also preparing to go out of town AGAIN this coming weekend!!! (YIKES)
a while ago Mike gave me 'his blessing' to go out to Grand Forks with my 'one true friend' Nikki!!!
i don't think i can handle another kid-free/husband-free weekend...teehee.
i love them all very dearly, but you moms know how it goes when you get the chance to go away for a couple days without the family...FIRST DAY, your enjoying yourself and laughing inside when your shopping and hearing all the parents dealing with whinny screaming kids...( haha, that's not me this time...) FIRST NIGHT at bedtime, (man i wish i could give my kids hugs 'n kisses goodnite...will they be crying for me at bedtime? =guilt kicks in...SECOND DAY, by lunchtime you admit to yourself that you DO in fact miss your kids and husband, even though you're enjoying yourself that darn guilt is looming over your head and by suppertime you wonder if you should maybe go home?....SECOND NIGHT, after dinner and all through the evening you're wondering why your husband hasn't called you more than 3 times that day? is everything okay? and then when he does FINALLY call you and you give him heck for not calling enough throughout the day, he sweetly tells you that everything is just fine at home and he didn't want to bother you so you could relax and enjoy yourself. Hmmph. ( open mouth/insert foot) Now you totally have guilt because you know that deep inside, NOBODY can do it quite like MOM, and to hear that 'everything is just fine' and the kids tell you on the phone about how much fun their having, you aren't really being missed too much. By the THIRD DAY and last day at that, you realize that YOU are the one with the issues and not the kids or the husband!!! funny huh?
so, bottom line, even though i really enjoyed myself this weekend with my mom, i realized with some thinking while lying in bed both nights until almost 3am, that I have separation issues from my family!!!! Perhaps this weekend has also been theraputic too!!!! LMAO!!
nikki and i are planning to do some shopping, hopefully get some chirstmas shopping started as well ( a great opp. to start with no kids peeking in bags...)
and maybe a little evening scrapbooking in our room at night with some 'beverages of choice'...and maybe go see a movie or something....who knows? i'm sure we'll have a blast! i think that mike is so encouraging with these two weekends as WINTER is approaching us,....he will have his own weekend requests for going snowmobiling with John...always a motive...always a motive!!!!
....better get going and get some work done here...


Tara said...

Haha, that was a really funny post Kim - it made me laugh because it is SO TRUE! Hahaha!

Isn't that funny, I am going to Grand Forks too with J's family! Maybe we'll see you in line at Target, haha!

Have a great day!


Kim said...

..probably more than just in Target!!
walmart...scrapbooking for fun...columbia