Wednesday, October 17, 2007


today was a very nice and quiet, low key birthday...just the kind to have!!!
i went for lunch with tyler after kindergarten to meet with my cousin and her new little baby for a visit ( not because of my birthday but to simply get together and visit! )
and then picked up courtney and we were off to swimming for both the kids and then my mom made a wonderful birthday dinner for me and the family...well, it's one of mike's fav's so i honestly think it was more for him!!! LOL!!!
i got some sweet new p.j's in PINK and also a warm 'n fuzzy new fleece sweater for the fall, also in PINK from mike and the and G & G gave me some always welcome $$$, and my little bro and his better half gave me some yummy popcorn/chocolate treats from "SUGAH"along with some scratch lottery tix...hey, i'm up $4!!!! gonna go trade 'em in tomorrow for that $1 million ticket!!!! :O)
courntey's highland dance competition on saturday went very well...she finished 3rd overall in her group with 6 new medals!! way to go Punky!!! so, so proud of all your hard work!!
this is her outside the civic centre for a coupel quick shots before a costume change...this is her JIG costume!!!

..and this is her with all her new winnings...

...i STILL don't have my digital back and i'm having ANXIETY over it!! i can't believe how hopelessly LOST i feel in the blog world without it!
:O( BOO.
having to take film in for developing and then scanning them in takes sooooo did we ever survive before the convenience of digital?
i am taking mom with me on friday to winkler, mb for a getaway scrapbooking convention until sunday. i was hoping to take my camera with me...but???? i will be teaching a few classes using heidi swapp masks and paints and i'm looking forward to meeting lots of new scrap-crazed ladies and getting inspired from all sorts of new ideas! we are excited for some serious R & R out there, and maybe even a couple drinks to unwind later....heehee! mom sooooo deserves a weekend off from being the primary care giver to my grandparents who are still living with her until we get them into their own senior's apartment! Mike and Curt are the designated 'babysitters' this weekend!! LMAO!!!!
thank you all my friends and family for all your phone calls, 'surprise cards' left in my mailbox, great presents and all your love in your birthday wishes!!!
Luv U all!!!


Original Inspirations said...

Oh Happy Day Kim! And have a greaet time in Winkler - I know you will! I was going to sneak away to Winkler for the weekend, but I have other commitments 1) speaking at a genealogical conference on "organizing your records" and 2) my cousin's bridal shower. Hahhh. Well, if they have another one, I'll have to take that one in. Say a big HI to Bron and Jill for me! Saw them this past weekend at Crop For Kids - love them both. Chow girl - and really, have a great time. Hey - say Hi to Bryan for me!

Kim said...

ok, i will say hello to all for you!!! sounds like you're busy this weekend too!!

Andrea said...

Even though it wasn't the reason we got together, I was honoured to spend your birthday with you :) Hope it was a good one!

Debb said...

Happy B-lated B-day Kim!

How have you been? I've been missing your crops but we are so poor it's hard to manage groceries never mind scrap stuff. I hope to catch up with you soon though.