Friday, September 28, 2007

bad blogger...

i know i've been a bad blogger this week...
the biggest part of this reason is because i have NO CAMERA to play with right now!!
my new digital ( that i've only had since june ) is in the shop with a dud just stopped working on me and i'm so bummed out about it. i use that camera pretty much every single day! you forget the total convenience ( especially if you're a blogger ) of taking pictures and seconds later you can post them on your blog.
what a bummer.
so...i am hopeful to have it back and ready for action within a week or so...bear with me on the no photo posts this coming week! ( whhhaaaaa....)
( this is also the reason why i was unable to post any photos of projects for the last 2 classes, sorry! )
he's doing okay...still just very slow. i think that this is just the way he's going to be from now on. he's often dizzy and light-headed ( mostly from all his medications and trying to find some balance with them for him) so someone always needs to be by his side when he's up and walking with his walker, no more falls please!! he's had a couple minor 'slides' off the couch and side of the bed while at mom's, nothing major thankfully. he just misjudges where he's about to place his rump and slides we need to watch him almost every move he makes.
even though he's feeling more himself and witty as always, it's still so very sad to watch his deterioration like this. it's heartbreaking really.
i love him soooo much and wish i could make him better and of course, live forever!
homecare has made some arrangements for him to go to a 'day hosptial' to interact with other senior's who need handi-transportation to get out...grandma will be going with him of course. there they will have games, singing, music, crafts and all sorts of other fun activities for them to take part in. it's once a week for about 4 hours. ALSO, grandma and grandpa have twice now gone to our own church for their senior's activities!!! everyone was so happy to see him out and about!
TODAY'S big adventure was they wanted to go to their own house for the afternoon, just to be there where it's familiar for them and spend some time there. Of course, grandma has been wanting to get him there for a LONG time now to stay there, but that is just not possible yet. But, with homecare's approval, they are as i write, having an afternoon in there own home!!
mike will be going to pick them up after supper to go back to moms!
other happenings this week were not as adventurous as grandma and grandpa, but school is going just great for the kids! courtney just finished her first week as a PATROL!! i have pictures to show you once i get my camera back...
tyler had a fun 'shape of the week' week, and i made/brought treats for all the kids everyday in the shape of that particilar day! they loved it!
...and i think tyler has his first girlfriend...LEXI...
she's a cutey, but no marriage plans yet!
monday will bring us back to Manta for courtney, and wednesday back to swimming lessons for is in full swing with workshops and extra lessons and preparing for her first fall competition on october 13...yikes, already?
i better get going as i have a scrapbooking class to teach tonight...
i still have 6 september kits still available and check back for posts featuring the OCTOBER KIT very soon!
( pic's as soon as my camera comes home...)
I think my camera needs a name???
Hmmmmm.....maybe a little game/contest coming on that one...stay tuned!!


Original Inspirations said...

Oh, oh - I have a name for the camera. "Little Me" ... just like you, it's always busy!

Andrea said...

I ran into your Mom today and she filled me in on Grandma and Grandpa. She told me that Grandpa was happy to sit in his own chair, even though she said that he is always in her big chair. She also said that Grandma was happy to be home. That's great that they were able to spend some time at home in their own surroundings and even better that your Mom got out...even if it was just to shop for herself and Grandma at Wal-Mart ;-)

Glad that the kids have adjusted so well. Sounds like everything is back into full-swing. Busy days...and nights. I don't know how you do it.

Tara LeClaire said...

Wow, you are busy busy! Can't wait to see the pics of the October Kit!