Tuesday, September 11, 2007


...so today was tyler's 1st full morning and official '1st day of kindergarten'!!!

he was soooo excited to go and make some new friends and check out his classroom...no anxiety, no nervousness, and NO TEARS ( from me either! )....just pure excitement.
his little picture he came home with said at his first day of kindergarten, "tyler was happy"...

here's courtney walking tyler to the 'kindergarten line-up wall'...so cute!

..tyler's cute lil' cubbie...

man, looking at this photo i see he needs a hair cut in a bad way!!!

...yesterday i had to take GRANDPA to see his Parkinson's doctor way out by the Deer Lodge Centre...i told him everything that happened while we were in the states and the update since we got him out of the hospital and now living at mom's...he wanted to take his blood pressure and i had to help the doctor to get grandpa up on the examining table to lie down. when the doctor 'shifted' grandpa around, grandpa let out this loud yelp of pain and begged the doctor to get him back up...i had to help the doctor again to roll grandpa onto his side as he needed to take his blood pressure lying down and then standing up...so, choking back tears inside seeing grandpa in that much pain, i helped to roll him over and then stand him up...his blood pressure was very low when we stood him up, hence the extra dizziness and light headedness.. so , we now need to go see his family doctor for probably another medication adjustment.
other than the visit yesterday, grandpa has been doing pretty good. still really sleepy all the time, but in good spirits and wanting to get up and out to do a little more walking. all good progress, but that yelp i heard and saw yesterday at the doctor's reminded me of just how fragile he really is. when we got him standing up, grandpa was kind of leaning on me ( like a HUG :O) ) and i imagined how this frail elderly man once used to be a strong energetic man and used to throw me up in the air while making silly faces at me as a baby...and held my hands in his when i was learning how to walk...stuff like that. and there i was holding HIM up so he wouldn't fall, and holding his hands to keep his balance.
kind of a reality check that i don't want to 'check' with, ya know?
anyway, that's the update on grandpa for now...all kinds of living arrangements are floating around, but nothing in the making yet...grandma and grandpa will just have to 'stay put' for a while longer yet!!!

and i will leave you with this....

yes, this is COURTNEY with her brand new CABBAGE PATCH KID BABY!!!
she's had my old CPK's around the house since she was little, and never really bothered with them...
but lately, she's been 'quietly' playing with them. mostly just changing their clothes 'n stuff, but still...
she has rarely EVER played with dolls, and barbie dolls but now i see her with these little baby dolls and it's kinda cute! it reminds me too that since our house is always sooooo 'busy' and 'crazy' with things to do and gotta go here..and with all her expectations and commitments to her highland dancing and her swimming, and all her other responsibilities, that she is only NINE years old and still just a little girl!!
I LOVE THAT, thanks for the reminder Courtney!!
so, i bought this new CPK baby for the kids to share, as tyler is also fond of babies, but i think courtney has decided it to be hers..Welcome to our family, JAYDA AINSLEY!!!!



Tara said...

Well it's about time. You know I don't like going more than one day without a blog posting Kimmy! Haha, just kidding! That is really cute about Courtney and the Cabbage Patch Kid!

Way to go Tyler! Those pictures were adorable!

See ya Friday

Love T

Original Inspirations said...

I don't remember the CPK's name but I remember the day that Samantha found her in the cabbage patch! Or so she thought. I picked up one of the dolls and hid it and when I got to the farm, Grandpa took it outside to the garden and planted it in the Rhubarb Leaves. Samantha was little enough to fool cabbage leaves vs. rhubarb leaves. And you can imagine her complete utter surprise when Grandpa took her for a walk and they found that baby doll. I have a pic. in my Garden Chronicles lunch-box. Years later, she tells me how she believed the whole "cabbage patch" thing and how this touched her. Grandpa done good that day! But in her eyes, Grandpa was always God and in his eyes, she was the Queen of Queens!

Andrea said...

That's so cute about the Cabbage Patch Kids. I can still picture YOU playing with them when you were young!

Your comments about Grandpa brought tears to my eyes...throwing you in the air, holding your hands...I wish my babies had that. We were very lucky! Give Grandma and Grandpa my love.

Debb said...

MY CPK's Name was Daniel James and Heather Lynn

DD's CKP is Nora Rae...

That's funny!

Freckled Nest said...

Felishia (SPELT WRONG)