Friday, September 7, 2007


today was tyler's kindergarten orientation and introduction to his new classroom and teacher! (note how 'bunny' managed to come along today too...!! )
Mrs. Thompson is awesome and tyler can't wait to get going every day to kindergarten!
we met with the teacher for 30 mins. and she showed him all the different stations in the classroom, and his little 'cubbie' for his backpack and jacket and shoes...too cute!
she had a few different activities for him to do around the room, and his exploring also tempted him into making a few puzzles and doing some independent number sorting with some little frogs!
i think his awesome preparation from preschool has blown the kindergarten teacher out of the water a wee bit...( heeheehee...i'm a proud mom, what can i say? )

..his teacher asked him to try 'tracing over his name' to see if he can try spelling out the letters in his name. he looked at her, just like in this photo, and said "i can print my own name you know. why do i have to trace it like i'm a little kid?"
AAAGGGHHHH!!! i almost peed myself from laughing! his printing is in the red marker!

...sorting number cookie!

Tyler's first 'official' full morning of kindergarten will be on tuesday, sept. 11.
...i'll be sure to bring my kleenex!!!
courtney's exciting news after school yesterday was..."mom i want to be a patrol at school. pllllleeeeaaaaasssseee can i do it? i need a lunch for school tomorrow because i have my first meeting and then i have some training to do...."
i guess my answer MUST be YES!


Tara said...

That is ADORABLE! Way to go Tyler! What a moment that must be to send your kid off to school for the first time!

Congrats to Courtney for wanting to join the Patrols, a great memory for me!

Have a great weekend Griffins!

Abdrea said...

I was thinking about you all day! Atta boy, Tyler. Glad you enjoyed it.

Andrea said...

Oops! That last comment should have been from Andrea. I also meant to say that the thought of my boy going to his first day of school brings tears to my eyes. How are your's, Kim? :)

Kim said...

i was stong...heehee!
today was just a half hour meeting, but next tuesday will be his first 'full morning' without me there...i feel a box of kleenex will be in need that day!

Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Mommy is proud and so is "Mrs. Zoppa". Way to go Tyler

Original Inspirations said...

Wait till she (the teacher) dares to ask the class about Canada Geese! Sounds like he fit right in at the get go. Now Mom, whatever are you going to do with the extra time?

Tip Junkie said...

I'm glad he had such a great first day.