Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...paper playdate...

thought i would share some scrappiness with you,
now that the venting is over!
HAHA!! ( sort of )
...at my friend Tara's house on saturday!!!
(tara and mittens)
...my work space...
...i was a bit behind on my Kelly Purkey Sketchbook online class I am taking with Tara, actually, we both were behind. so saturday's plan was to catch up the last four days and one special layout if i still had time...
...here's my Day 8 sketch
...my day 9 sketch...
...my day 10 sketch...
...and my day 11 sketch...
...i just have day 12 to complete and then the class is done! but the fun part is i can use the class sketch's again and again with different fun variations!
...and here's my "one for fun" for tyler's album....
it is based off a sketch in the gallery and i LOVED the red tartan paper on the kraft cardstock!
...i have no apologies for all my venting on my last post. it is my blog afterall.
these are my thoughts and feelings splayed out, from the heart, live and real.
i think that a lot of people who enjoy reading other people's blogs get an idea that that person's life is pretty awesome and worry free, perfect little life, etc...
which, for every human being, this is not so.
i am human.
i hurt.
i cry.
i get upset.
all of this right along with all the joy, happiness and love that i do indeed have in abundance in my family!
it's just that i tend to keep my blog on a positve note as much as possible.
who wants to read about negative experiences, bad happenings and problems all the time?
blogging (journaling) is a GREAT way for me to KEEP happy, positive reminders, especially when seeing my photographs, that we really DO have a good life.
so it's very threraputic!!! it keeps things in perspective, and that's why I guess you mostly only read
but trust me, i have the same feelings in my heart as everyone else, and yesterday's post was a NEED to let some of my frustrations out and share my pain with you!!!
...and thank you to all my friends who have sent me comments or private emails to lift our spirits and send us e-hugs to cheer up!!! you ALL mean so much to our family and your encouragement and support is
most valued and special to us!!!
...be back soon...


Anonymous said...

Loved your layouts Kim as always, keep up all the good spirits at your house.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful beginning & ending to this BLOG!! The Layouts are terrific & beautiful!! Just like you Kim! Kim you are absolutely correct, it is your blog & you can vent if you want to. Hmm sensing a song theme there. It is true that yes we do love you aewsome blogging but to be realistic nobodys life has no sadness or hurt in it. You are human & need to vent, so vent away whenever. Myself and other friends are here for you in anyway you need.
P.S. I so cannot wait till summer also!

xoxo... t said...

Vent away, sister!



Anonymous said...

Hey kim, yep, and got it! I hope you feel better now and yes, it's so good to have the support of all these people in your life.
You are creating art, and sharing it with all of us online, seeing your creative side as you lay out the photos in such a wonderful way. You have a gift that you share with us!
I love to read about your family Kim, No worries.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

Amazing layouts!!!!
You are human and posts like yesterdays showcase that, nobodies life is filled with sunshine and roses all the time, and if people say they are then they are wither lying or in denial!!!!
Keep up the great work, your amazing and you have one amazing family :)