Saturday, January 8, 2011


( and yes, he was about as thrilled as he looks! )

...but he was in need of a good rub down to finish off his "molting" season...
( and I assure you that he is quite happy in his freshly cleaned cage full of new treats and toys we picked up for him today at Petland! )
...tyler returned to his YBC bowling this morning...
Avg. is 83 and today he bowled 111, 133, & 129!!!!
Way to go Buddy!

( here's one of his STRIKES in motion! )

...after bowling, tyler and i went for a visit to Petland on Pembina to visit the bunnies and find Oliver some new goodies.
(funny how we now walk right past the puppies and go to the bunny bins...)
and we stopped a bunch of Dwarf Hamster fights while visiting too!
...then we went to pick up courtney from her "back to dance" workshop with her pals,
Alex, Kailey and Kelsey!
( she's tired and sore tonight1! )
...the girls are now into their Championships competition season coming up and have longer steps to dance at i bet they will all be sleeping well tonight after today's workout!!!

...Mike and I have been enjoying our evening episodes of Big Bang Theory on a regular basis again...and thank goodness for PVR when needed!!!
Are you a BBT fan too??? ( if so, who's your favorite nerd? )

...thursday was BACK TO SCHOOL...
despite all the moaning and groaning and complaining the night before school, the kids were happy to see their friends again and were thankful for a short week back!!
tyler also went back to his piano lessons thursday night too...

...the young lady ( 8 years old ) who comes in for her lesson after tyler's, came and sat down beside me while waiting for her turn...i was asking her how her holidays were and what her favorite gift was etc...and while we were chatting, she proceeded to take off a rubber " Silly Bandz" bracelet and put it on her lap. After a while she told me,
"I am giving this one to Tyler" and gave me the biggest smile!!

...and so it begins...
8 years old? really?
so cute!
(my little handsome devil...
...we also got a New Year's letter and village children photo of our sponsor child, IVY, from World Vision ( Kenya ). I love to see all her precious little artwork and imagine her working carefully and proudly on her paper as she knows it's a special letter going to her sponsor family in Canada...
Ivy is the same age as Tyler...2 weeks apart...
I have been sponsoring with World Vision now for 8 years ( next month ) and LOVE IT!
$35 a month to make one child healthy, happy and hopeful...
and the rewards of giving mulitply tenfold in your heart!!
...I took courtney and tyler to see a movie on tuesday night at St. Vital...
something fun to do to wrap up our winter holidays!

...if you haven't seen Disney's TANGLED, I highly, highly recommend it!
it is definitely one of my all time favorit Disney movies!!!
Luv It!!!!
( of course I had my camera with me, what else did you expect? LOL )
i hope you are all having a most relaxing weekend and have all survived your
"back to"
schedules this week with a smile!!
...think I will be posting something scrappy next time too????


it's me said...

Being back in routine also means sore muscles here too!! Long steps are liked here. Have a GREAT evening.


xoxo... t said...

I would LOVE to sponser a child... how do you go about doing so?

Love the bunny bath pics - so wish I could convince Mittens and Shadow into the tub :)

YAY for scrappy news!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
so cute, Tyler's got a new friend! And I am very inspired that you have been sponsoring for so long. how good for the kids to see your compassion for this girl far away.
Glad things are getting back to normal!
see you,
Lori N

scarves said...

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Thanks for all of your hard work.