Sunday, January 2, 2011

the CATCH UP... tea???
i am basically gonna give your our holiday update...otherwise you will be sitting here with me for a couple hours if i go back to my last posted date!! hahaha!

...i do, however, have to share some photos from Courtney's Santa's Showcase, hosted by her highland dance teacher, Lynn, every year...or else Courtney's dancing friends ( and their moms ) will never forgive me!! LOL!
Dec. 5
(and for all the dances, Courtney is always on the far left end )

...the girls were excited to get new custom fit costumes this year for this new dance...

...and also the first year to be dancing choreography along with the senior dancers too!

...and of course the finale includes a visit from Santa with all the dancers!

( sarah, alex, kailey and courtney - kelsey was already off to a swim meet!! )

...lynn and courtney...

...back at home, i wanted to snap a few photos in her new dress, she looked like a little bridesmaid!

...the showcase is always very enjoyable, once the stressload is over in preparation!!!

...and guess who got a new car on dec 6??? a very lucky and spoiled ME!!!
2009 Ford Escape...isn't he handsome???

...and here's this years' gingerbread houses...
( C on L, T on R )

...Dec 12 brought us to Tyler's first bowling tournament -
Master Bantam Junior.
He bowled at Billy Mosienko lanes at 9am and there was a second shift and noon and the last shift at 3pm...results were posted on the website around 8pm...
Tyler's team finished EIGHTH out of 42 teams! WOW!
AND....of 42 bowlers, Tyler finished 5th overall in the Bantam division!
AND....(yes, there's more ) of the 42 teams entered, there were 5 teams out of Tyler's house lanes ( Dakota ) and his team finished first from the house, and he finished FIRST of the 5 house Bantams too!!! Neeless to say, he went to bed feeling quite proud of himself that night and had a good sleep on Cloud Nine!!!

...the night before, Courtney slept over at her BFF's house to go snomobiling with her family the next day in Portage la Prairie...she had FUN FUN time!!

...and I spent the afternoon working on my December Daily and watching / listening to my favorite Christmas movie...The Grinch who stole Christmas....with Jim Carey!!
Too funny!!

...last week of school before holidays...
i helped tyler make two of these adorable little christmas trees out of clay pots for his school teacher and also for his piano teacher...they loved them!! was hard to find time to work on my December Daily with all other holiday chaos going on, but i did work on it here and there, but am now behind since dec 15...but soon enough it will be completed!!! did you make one this year???
( i will post more pictures of this project another day for you )

...dec 17 - tyler's most enjoyable Chirstmas piano recital..on his teacher's new grand piano...

...and oliver having a little rest while out on one of his daily adventures!
( luv this bunny )

...dec 18...
tyler's YBC bowling christmas party...

...and bingo day!

...and later that night to Papa Griffins for a Griffin family get together...

...and on to Christmas eve....

...while I was finishing wrapping our gifts up ( late, i know ),
Oliver was hopping all over them scouting out something for him!!!

...and Mike took the kids outside for some hockey scrimmages on our first backyard rink he made himself!!! They had a blast!

...snacks for Santa...

(the kids sporting their new, annual christmas eve jammies from grandma...)

...the living room ready for action...
looks like Santa came afterall!!!!

..and the kids were so excited to see that even Oliver got a stocking filled by Santa too!!!

...i will just let you scroll through the next photos of some of the kids' gift opening...

( a new medal board from daddy! )

...the kids were SOOOOO excited to get new desks for their rooms!!!
( poor mike, two more things he has to build now...)

..after our gift opening, we tidied up, showered ( except the kids wanted to go to Grandma's in their pj's) and then we went for a quick gift exchange at my moms before rushing back home to finish my cooking preparations / cleaning up for dinner...)

.. my brother Curt and his fiance Erith came for a morning visit too since they weren't going to be with us for dinner this year....and Curt brought HOLLY along for laughs too!

...Mom had checked Grandma and Grandpa out of The Maples for a few days over Chirstmas so they could be with the family and enjoy with us...SOOOOOOOOO happy to see them at Mom's in their pj's Christmas morning!!! So special!

...after a couple hectic hours, we were packed up and zipping back home to finish getting ready for our afternoon / evening entertaining...
here's our Christmas dinner spread....
YUMMY - i know in a couple months i will look back at this and wish for it all over again!

...i challenged myself to make some special cupcakes to add to our dessert tray this year, thanks to Tara's cake decorating motivation!!! I loved making them, but I ain't no cake boss...hahaha!

...dinner time...
airiel and BF skyler

mike and liz

mom and grandma

darren and airiel

mike and ken

...and one of my favorite things about the Chrismas holidays is having some delicious egg nog!!

...Boxing Day...
Courtney had received some surprise mail for Christmas enclosing two tickets for me to take her to the Concert Hall to see our first ballet...The Nutcracker.
Once all the seating complications were sorted out ( stressful!!! ) we were able to sit and enjoy the show together and discuss the show as it went along!
The lead dancers were exceptional and it was fun to see "ballet" live, in person and appreciate a different style of dance together! We would definitely go again!!

...then we were off to my moms for our annual boxing day party!
we are always visited by Santa ( wink ) and play all kinds of games, and enjoy a potluck dinner and drinks!!

...a whole lot of chillaxin' between then and New Years...YES!!!!!!
New Years Eve...
we had a handful of good friends come over, all my family ditched us this year ( hahaaha ) so it was a small , quiet night in...but most enjoyable!!!!!

...I have so much to be thankful for not only at New Years, but every day of my life.
It's just the end of a year and the prospects of a fresh new year often leave me thoughtful in reflection.
I try to focus on the good things that happened, and leave the bad behind.
I have an awesome, loving family.
I am married to the most amazing, supportive and understanding husband.
I have two amazing, talented, beautiful and smart kids.
And I feel so unconditionally loved and blessed at the end of every night.
I may not have a big fancy house. I may not have the finer things in life. I may not have the wealth and ability to show the world to my children throughout the year.
But I am content and happy with who I am and my place in this world.
...and I hope at the end of your own reflection you will raise a glass and toast to LIFE with me!
Cheers to your and yours and many happy blessings and lots of smiles in 2011!!!!


Tracey H. said...

I drank my whole cup of tea while reading your catch up blog Kim !
All the best for the New Year , may you continue to be blessed by the important things in life !

Anonymous said...

Cheers to u my good friend!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog Kim, I enjoyed it! I loved all the pictures and will always remember this one for it's very touching ending. YOU are a wonderful person and it shows in these blogs (especially this one)!! I can't wait for another year of your blogs! May you and your family have a blessed 2011. XOXOXO Nikki

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, loved -- loved --loved the read! You do have so much wonderful energy around you and I know those you love are grateful and blessed to have you!
What can I say? I feel blessed to know you as well... Happy New Year,
All the Best,
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed your blog sweetie. I do love you and your family so much and I wish you God's blessings in the year to come.

Kim said...

Thank you for all the sweet, warm comments my friends...and my Mom!

xoxo... t said...

LOVE the latest blog posting!

First of all, could Courtney look any more beautiful in her dress??? EEK! Love it. And little Ty with the piano recital, adorable! Congrats again on the new ride, I still haven't seen it! At the crop I will though! The kids are soooo lucky to have an ice rink in the backyard, that is so awesome!

How did your Mom like her little Craft Cupboard?? I bet she LOVED it! Christmas looked amazing at the Griffin household and glad the kids liked the desks!

Your cupcakes are FABULOUS!!! Seriously Kim, just beautiful! WAY TO GO! And can I just say, LOVE the martini in your new glass ;)