Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...scrappy stuff...

...as promised, here's a photo full post of scrapbooking stuff!!!
...last night's layouts from Monday Night Sketches, all inspired by the awesome talent of
Sasha over at "A soldier girls thoughts"
She is bold, she is a fighter and she is insanely talented!!! Have a peek at her blog!
These layouts are my own spin on a few of hers that I loved!!

I have had several emails and requests to "explain Project 365".
I could go on forever about it but to keep this as simple as possible, this project is a daily PHOTO and JOURNALED documentation of the goings on in our family's daily lives...
this idea's original inspiration came from Ali Edwards
( click on 365: Project Life )
...and I tried back last May with creating a Week in our Life mini album project and had SO MUCH fun documenting and creating the album after the week was up....it was a challenge, but a YEAR is more like a good scrapbooking BATTLE !!! hahahahaha...but a fun one!
I have an ongoing "Project 365 Club that I try to host a monthly potluck get-together at my house on a friday night from 6pm - midnite-ish, where we all work on and share ideas and struggles and new finds on our albums!
some of us are documenting daily, and a few are documenting weekly to ease the stress of keeping up!!! but bottom line, the finished project after one year will be so much fun to reflect back on and see how busy our lives are and how fulfilled we are keeping them!!!
if you are interested in coming for an information night, or starting this project yourself with our group please email me at thegriffs@mts.net and I would love to reel you in...i mean FILL you in!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Basically, you will need a couple of albums to start yourself off...

...and JOURNALING is the key to keeping your project organised because when it comes to putting your photos into the album, you will need to look back at your 'notes' you've taken to update the journaling in your project album!
( i picked up a few of these lined hardcover cuties from Dollarama...)

...because I am documenting DAILY and tend to add lots of embellishments, it looks like I will be adding a fourth album to my "year" project yet...I can only get 3 months in one album!
( but to each their own on how you choose to document! )
I have started my third album with January.
When should you start? You don't need to wait til Jan. 1, a new year....ANY day is a GREAT day to start...mine started June 30, kicking it off with our summer!!!

...so here's a bunch of shots traveling through my albums throughout the last 6 months...
(no way could i post a photo of every day!! hahahahaha!!!! )

...i have several 8.5 x 11 pages that I added to the albums for something fun and different...some have 8 x 10 photos blown up like this one, and some are trading card collecting pages that I can make mini prints on...

...add special cards to your album...

...keep receipts here and there and add them to your story...
( shopping bills, utility bills, ticket stubs from movies / plays, kids artwork, ANYTHING goes!! )

...my albums are full of all sizes of mini pages...they just add some character and i love how they look in it!!

...yep, try your journaling on fast food bags, cut out pieces from boxes of fav. foods ( above is an added page on the back of a Rice-A-Roni box - the kids LOVE it! )

...find something you like on the internet? print it off and add it...
( this also includes important happenings in the news...my friend Tara has even laminated events out of the newspapers!!! you can also find things SO EASY by Googling!

...I try to keep up my photo updating once a week, usually on mondays i sit and plan my last week's pages...this includes selecting what photos I am going to use, what size the photos will be, and then upload them to Costco and send them in online....but you will find a system that works best for you!

...I 'sticky note' my pages with what photo is going to go where, which pocket the journaling will be going in, etc.....and the mini prints I am lucky to be able to do them myself at home on my Canon Selphy photo printer....OR on occasion I still take my memory card into Superstore or Walmart and use the Kodak Photo Printer Kiosk and make my mini prints there at a very affordable price!!! ( .19 / 4 x 6 sheet )

...so this is what my pre-planned pages look like as I get them ready for photo updating and journaling....then the idea is to do a week at a time...

DO NOT get too stressed out if you fall behind....as long as you are keeping up with your photo taking and journaling, the rest will catch up with time.
I have had many challenges with TIME to work on it, especially over the Christmas holidays with all the holiday preparations and having the kids home for winter break to keep busy, but I am getting back on track and as I said, the photos and journaling are done, it's just to keep up the scrapbooking part of it now and catch up!!!
Please email to register as I only have room for 7!!!!


xoxo... t said...

Yeeeehawwwwwwwww! Looove Scrappy posts!

Love the layouts from last night sketches - so wish I could have been there, need to shake this darn cold off!

Yay to 365! I can attest that it is do-able! I love that I have been able to keep up with it and am so happy that I will have this for the rest of my life to look back upon. I too found myself a little overwhelmed over the holidays but am catching back up nicely :)

I encourage everyone to try it - even the weekly version!

And yes Kim, we will DEFINITELY need one more album methinks!


Anonymous said...

Hi gals, sorry I can't do a 365 as I am tired just looking at the post, LOL!
Its beautiful though. Thanks for sharing. Lots of great memories are being created and recorded.
congratulations, you are more than half way finished.
Lori N

Sasha said...

GIRL I just emailed you and then hopped my butt on over here to show you some mad loving and did not expect this .. AACK you are so sweet and they are UHMAZING and look at your journals I love em .. wow I need to start putting my photos and things away too and getting them in albums and such ..

girl you are an inspiration to me ..