Wednesday, November 3, 2010 oliver update... THANK YOU to so many of my friends who have been either calling or emailing me today
sending warm thoughts for Oliver!! you guys are the best!!
he had is neurtering surgery yesterday at the loving caring hands of Dr. Sheri Gould at Best Friends Animal Hospital and is doing very well. ( for a bunny! )
he spent the day there yesterday and Courtney and I couldn't wait to go pick him up last night after her dance lesson...

...this was our SUNRISE yesterday morning...beautiful!!
( and trust me, i am NOT a sunrise kinda gal...)
...i felt so bad leaving him there in this jail - like little cage...sorry buddy!!!
( he looks so sad...)
...but we got a call from the vet in the afternoon saying Oliver was awake and doing well...his surgery went fine with no problems at al...we were a little worried with some of the sad stories of loss of bunnies under gas anaesthesia.
courtney and i were quite anxious to go get him after dance and bring him home!

...awwwww...cuddles for Ollie....

...heehee...he's still a little groggy in these pics...

...and these are his FUN oral pain meds til friday night that we have to give him!
believe you me, this was not a fun first attempt last night, but i seem to have it to a science now!
hahaha!, bunny is doing great...started eating again today and all his other 'functions' are in working order back to normal again too! I'm just happy it's over and now he can have his 10 days to mend and get spoiled rotten with attention...not that he wasn't already!!
And here are the pics of the layouts from mondays class...
Monday Night Sketches...


Fresh flowers make me smile.

( this is my brother Curtis and his fiance Erith...i did an engagement photo shoot for them in May and used one of my fav pics of the day! )



Anonymous said...

Hey, Glad Oliver is on the mend. thank you for letting us know.
He'll be as good as new in no time.
Love the layouts too.
see ya,

xoxo... t said...

So glad Oliver's appointment went smoothly and that he is back with the people that love him most :)

Love love loved class on Monday as per usual!

Have a great day!