Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a few things...

...tyler was barely even awake and came down to the living room at 7:46am this morning to continue pracising a new song on the piano....
last winter i self taught myself bits of "where are you chirstmas" by faith hill ( also from the movie " The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey ) and tyler has picked up on the notes and has been trying to figure it out on his own! WOW. I am so impressed.
But i couldn't let him struggle over his frustration for long and showed him both hands and he has been working non stop on perfecting it for the last two days!!
I love this boy's determination!

it feels totally weird without any snow yet, but for me, that's a GOOD thing!
but, nonetheless, our most favorite holiday is just around the corner and i dug out my annual Christmas Planner to refill with this years pages and start organizing myself for the holidays!!
I first taught this adorable little REUSABLE project in 2008 and have since had lots of new scrappers join our circle of classes, so I have photographed my planner and am asking for any interest in offering this class once again ( you organized planner type folks will LOVE this one! )
So...have a scroll down and peek at the planner and then please let me know by leaving a comment in this post or by emailing me ( ) if you might be interested in this class project! If i get enough response, i will most definitely teach it again very soon!

December calendar pocket...

speical events list...
christmas cards lists and stamp pocket...
budget plan pocket...
wish lists....

gift lists...
receipts pocket...

receipts pocket...
cooking / menu planning...
recipes pocket...
shopping lists...

extra notes....

so fun. so cute. wanna make one??
I also wanted to share another home made soup recipe with you!
if you love Zoupa Toscana soup at the Olive Garden, this one's for you!
1lb. ground italian sausage
2tsp crushed red peppers
1 Cup diced onion
6 strips bacon pieces OR i used an 85g bag of precooked bacon pieces
3 tsp garlic puree
11Cups water
5 cubes chicken bouillon
1lb. russet potatoes (i used 5 cups sliced white baby potatoes)
1 Cup heavy cream
1/2 bunch fresh kale

...saute bacon, onion and garlic pureee until cooked, set aside in a bowl.
...bring water to a boil, add chicken bouillon.

...while bringing water to a boil, saute italian sausage and crushed red peppers in the same pan used for the bacon,onion and garlic puree. once water is boiling add bacon & onion mix.

...i found the ground sausage to be very lean and sticking to my pan so i added 1tsp of olive oil.
i also added a shake of red garlic sansel ( Epicure ) instead of a pinch of salt for more flavor!
while italian sausage is cooking, slice your potatoes.

...add potatoes to soup and cook until soft on medium heat. Covered.
(about 25 mins )
Add heavy cream and cooked italian sausage.
( i also added a handful of fresh dill, because that's the way i roll....)

...cover and let simmer together for about 20mins. add kale just before serving.

...i also made a quick and yummy little bread treat to have with our soup...
you will need:
1 baguette
olive oil
herb and garlic seasoning
grated dill havari cheese

..slice baguette into 1/2 inch pieces, baste with olive oil, shake with Epicure herb and garlic seasoning ( Mrs. Dash or any other favorite seasoning is perfect! ) then top with grated cheese. broil on high for 2 minutes. ( don't go far while broiling to keep watch! )

...serve hot out of the oven with a bowl of your freshly made soup!!!
( and once again, and modifications you try to this recipe are welcome to share in my comments! )
yesterday was tyler's school Remembrance Day Ceremony assembly.
I have not been at a school R.D assebly since I was a kid, and it was a huge difference attending one now as a parent. It was quite emotional.
Espeicially when that trumpet blares and then the moment of silence.
And the difference between THEN and NOW is....I get it now.
I menitoned this on my facebook status as well, but I truly hope that our kids take with them from these ceremonies the importance of appreciation and gratitude to our past and present soldiers. War is not just a part of our history, it is our RIGHT NOW too. so many of us take forgranted of the peace we have in our homes every day ( myself included, I won't deny it ) and forget that there is indeed still war happening and that so many brave men and women are still dying. I want my kids to respect and appreciate what a soldier represents. And at their age, while still in school, they are so young to fully understand it all.
I am so grateful that I attended my son's assembly yesterday to remind me of the sacrifice's made for us all and to reinstate my appreciation for all that I have been given.
THANK YOU VETERANS for your patriotic visit!!
...I hope you all take a moment to share some Remembering with your kids tomorrow...
it's good for the soul.


xoxo... t said...
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xoxo... t said...

First off, that food looks SO yummy. Did I mention how much I loved when you had SOUP as the snack at Sketches one night? Oops. Did I say that out loud? HA!

Secondly, so happy to read about the Remembrance Day stuff (or as Haley called it last week, Resemblance Day) - I have such respect for the military, they don't get near what they deserve back home. I think it's pitiful and embarrassing that we can't spare one day a year with store closures in their honor. Just finished reading "Shake Hands with the Devil" by Romeo Dallaire and it only cemented my beliefs.

Thirdly, UM YES! I need to make Lindsay a planner so let's do it before December! I'M IN.


Anonymous said...

well if this one works then I will keep writing msgs, if not then that is it! I luv the planner still! Way to go Tyler you have as much ambition as your Mom!! I can't wait to hear you play your song!!! That soup Kim looks sooooo YUMMY!!! I will make that this weekend!...Nikki XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Yes Nikki, Kim's Tuscan Potato Soup was yummy and also the bread. Thanks for dinner again, Kim. Way to go Tyler - little smarty-farty. Also, thanks for the reminder we all need about our soldiers fighting for our sake. Love you, MomOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

You are right Kim it would do us all good to take in an assembly again, cause now we get it. you said it all.
Also that tyler is a chip off the ole block i say, what a talent you have on your hands, glad to see you encouraging it.

Anonymous said...

Oh tara that is too cute Resemblance day

Anonymous said...

Soup - YUMMY looking.
Tyler - How cool is that with all the determination. Keep it up.
Planner - Me, Me, Me.