Saturday, November 13, 2010

happy saturday!!!

...not much going on the rest of today...
courtney had her saturday dance workshop this morning, so after i dropped her off, i went to the bowling alley to watch tyler finish up his last 2 games...he bowled great again today..all 3 games over his average AND he was very excited to show me his new badges he earned over the last couple weeks...
*100 - single
*125 - single
*I Beat My Average
*Bowler of the Month for Oct. 10
WAY TO GO lil' man!!! so happy for you!
...tomorrow morning he is bowling in his first "Bowl Off" to qualify as a Single Rep for the upcoming Four Steps to Stardom tournament ( it's the biggie for YBC - youth bowling council ) anyway...there are 5 boys trying out and only 4 spots available...being his first year of bowling, and really only 2 months of experience, we are looking at his trying out as fun exposure to a little competition and some more experience ( he has to bowl 5 games, as opposed to his usual 3 game saturdays! ) ...the spots are awarded to highest "pins over average" at the end of the bowl it's anybody's day in the end!!
( i'll let you know how he makes out tomorow...)
AND on another bowling note for tyler...we were told he has qualified in the top 12 spots to bowl in another tournament in's called the Master Bantam Junior tournament, and he is soooooo stoked about it!! that's the bowling update!
yep, these are her LEGS at dance lessons this morning....
that kid grows out of pants like nobody's business, believe you me! she was officially
"taller than Mom" last december and has not stopped....pants bought in sept. are now too short.
Holy. Growing. Beanstalk. Batman.
..( and THIS is just something that makes me happy...Peach Passion from Timmies....)

...heeheehee, had to show you this one from the other day. I was visited on my desk while blogging by Oliver, and he sprawled out right over the mouse pad and stared me down...
"play with me, woman."
so i gave him a mohawk.

...and this is the newest photo shoot of the kids...
we spent the whole day on Rembembrance Day at mike's parents in woodmore...
Gramma Liz was a great sport and came along with the kids and I while driving around neighboring farms to find good places for pics..
it was very windy and cold out and everyone was very cooperative about "jackets on, jackets off" for the pictures!
...i took 91 pics that afternoon, so here's just a FEW of my favs!!

...while warming up and waiting to eat dinner, tyler found a spot in the middle of the living room to pop a squat and finish reading the newest "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book....done in a day!

...thanks for a fun, relaxing day Gramma Liz...and a yummy dinner too!!!

...and THIS was the lovely sunset right outside their door at the end of the day....
see ya tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. where's you and Mike in these photos though? The kids look like models in the 'barn' shots. they look great.
Congrats to Mr Tyler on his badges.I hope he enjoys himself and bowls his best tomorrow. Could be an exciting experience.
Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Lori N

Anonymous said...

Wow....Those ARE AMAZING PICS!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! You never stop surprising me with your pics. The kids look so grown up in them, and beautiful. I also think that there should have been of you and Mike in them. Mike prob would have also climbed a Haystack, then made you take a pic of him jumping off!!!LOL. WAY TO GO TYLER AND GOOD LUCK SUNDAY! 3 months and outgrew pant length???? Tall boots all winter is all I can think of. Or skirts and tights....LOL Nowadays I know Courtney would NEVER do that but it would be a good threat to get a good laugh just to see the look on her face!!!!LOL On a better note get the sewing machine out Kim cause Tylers bringing home lots of badges! Bring back memories of you and I bowling at Roxy Lanes? Good times!.. TTYL... Nikki xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

tell us how Ty does today Kimm!

xoxo... t said...

Kim, these pics are just awesome! I love love love the red barn pics! My fave is the one where they are laughing :)

And of course, that bunny pic is sooooo cute!