Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YIKES!!!!!! here i go again....

so i see it's been a while since my last post....heehee.
so here's your update...
june 19 courtney competed at the Manitoba Highland Gathering in Selkirk.
it was a beautiful hot day and a taste of Scotland bringing back lots of happy memories from our overseas trip almost 2 years ago already!!!

...chilling out before the competition....

...ready for her first dance of the day...

...at the end of the day, courtney finished with 5 new medals and 3rd overall in her Premier 13 and under class ( 13 dancers ).
and our little furball Oliver has learned how to hop up all the stairs up to the kids' rooms...
we have to watch him on them though because he often slips around on the hardwood!
...the end of the school year was very much anticipated around here so we could start our summer holidays! tyler painted taracotta pots and we filled them with Smarties and candies to make them little candy dishes....or flower pots...whatever they will end up being!!
he made them for his teacher and the EA that is always in his classroom as well.

...and this is this years teacher gift i made for tyler's teacher! I went to the classroom and had taken individual photos of the kids and got them all to write a little note to the teacher opposite their photo! I Mod Podged papers and paints, alpha stickers and buttons on the box, and the mini album i made using Bazzill Kraft cardstock and bound it using the Zutter Bind-It-All machine!

...i am pretty sure she liked it!!!

...on the last day of school, we all went ( and took Grandma too ) to see my Grandparents at the Maples for their family Canada Day bbq!!!!
i just looooovvveeee this photo of G & G...they look pretty happy!
it was a yummy supper and a nice visit too!!!
after dinner, we were all on our way to the cabin for the first visit of the summer!
awwwwwww yeaaaaahhh!!!

...oliver seemed to love it out there too, and i think he really enjoyed the carpet for all his running around...he's only got laminate flooring at home to run on!
( no slip and sliding at the cabin! )

...mike was happy to be starting the construction of the new shed...
give a boy a few power tools...
...and of course there's always the excitement of the first ride of the summer on the jetski too.
Hmmmm......who looks more giddy to be riding here?

...we had a visit on friday from the Malinowski family for the day ( including Maggie and new little puppy Oscar! ) So that is always fun for the kids with both jetski's going all day!
( rachel and courtney )

...heehee...this is the only photo allowed to show of the dad's hamming around....

...and on with the tubing...
( go courtney!!! try as dad did, he could not whip her off! )

( dave and rachel )

( linda and i ...never any pics of US in the mix...TADAA!!!! )

...later that evening, like around 8:30pm, we decided to go ahead with the planned dinner of the day, just a very, very late supper!
i had my little assistant chef at hand and showed her how to make my lasagna!!!

...you know you're on summer holidays when you have no worries about eating supper at 10pm!

the next morning....
awwww...little oliver getting some cuddles!

...and mike determined to keep working on the new shed, despite all the dang mosquitoes trying to ruin the day...

...saturday we decided by the afternoon that the weather was holding up so we went ahead and met up with the Malinowski's at their trailer and went off to the carnival hosted by Wonder Shows in Lac du Bonnet!!
the kids were thrilled!!!!!

tyler and kelly.
let me just tell you the THIS ride ( the green Sky Master ) was high on their list of rides to try.
i was the only parent riding with the kids ( RIDE FREAK that i am...) so after a little double checking with them, mom and dad, and meeting the height restriction by about and inch and a half, i found myself locked in my seat prepared to hear screams of "let me off" and crying.
tyler's exact words when he got off was...
"that was AWESOME!!!"
high fives to ya kids, because that is some thrill ride!!!
...the Sky Master at night....
( which Kelly had me riding once more with her before we left )

...and a few more of the crazy rides the kids had me on during the evening...
Crazy Spin.

Sea Ray.

The Zipper.
( i was on this ride with Carson when the sky opened up and poured rain on us....FUN )

Ferris Wheel.
( i actually had to take a bit of a break from the rides....so i skipped out on the big wheel. must be getting old....hahahaha...but i was back on them again soon enough! )

miss courtney and miss rachel on the merry-go-round.
i think i have a picture of these two on a merry-go-round at tinkertown when they were about 6 years old too.....

...unfortunately, due to the raining on and off, the carnival cancelled the planned fireworks, so we all packed it in around 11pm and got our bucket of mini donuts for the ride back to the cabin and called it a night!!!
the next day brought more beach enjoyment....gotta love the Off Lantern!!
Hi Mom!!
...catching some sunshine...

...and of course, some traditional minnow catching with the scooby doo net!
quick hands, courtney!!

thank goodness it's finally summer!!

...and how has your July been so far?????


Anonymous said...

Wow Kim, looks like summer's off to a great start for the Griffens!
Love the teacher's book. I am sure that was the nicest gift she's ever received at the end of the year and it will be so nice to show to her family and friends.
We are just hanging out if Courtney is free sometime!
The local pool is our hangout!
Cheers! Lori N.

xoxo... t said...

Love love love this Kim! Your teacher gift is beautiful!! You truly are super Mom!

How awesome that summer is here and you guys are able to enjoy it at the cabin - LUCKY!

Way to go Courtney on all your medals!



Anonymous said...

YET AGAIN ANOTHER BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL TEACHER GIFT BY YOU GUYS!!! So proud of your kids with all the acomplishments this year again!! I totally can see that Mike has been itching to go on that Jet Ski, LOLOLOLOL!!! Glad it was another fun weekend for the family!!...Nikki xoxoxoxoxoxx