Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know.....it's about time!!!!

...sorry for being MIA here for a while...
not much has been going on, but routine life....
it IS supposed to be here, isn't it? we've only had a few warm sunny days lately so I thought making this yummy fruit salad might brighten things up around here since the sun doesn't want to come out much lately.

...on june 1st, coutney and her BFF rachel had their Spring Band Musical for school.

...not sure if i ever mentioned before that after christmas courtney switched instruments.
she had started her first band year playing the clarinet, like at least 15 other new band students, so her teacher felt she was ready for something more challenging and suggested the alto saxaphone. so there you have it. and she LOVES playing it!
( rachel is still loving playing the flute!! )
Great Job SMP Band!!

yep, he is growing like a weed.
the cutest little furry weed that is...

...the kids and i took him for an outting up to see my grandparents last week...
grandma was just smitten with him and oliver behaved like a perfect little cuddle bunny with them. i was so happy he wasn't crazy and wild like he gets here I'll tell ya!!
but he sure boosted their spirits, so it was a happy little visit with the bunny for them!

...Hmmmm, oh yes.
june 11 tyler and i had our Spring piano recital at our teachers house.
it went really, really well...and it was most impressive to hear how advanced some of these other young kids can play already....tyler is ITCHING to get that good....he's practising at least 4 or 5 times a day....i'm so proud of him and his self dertermination to keep learning and getting better!

...this weekend was Courtney's Mid Canada Highland Dance Championships competition at
The Forks.
she danced saturday and sunday. rain or shine, it still goes on!
this is her dance friends from her Premier class she takes lessons with...
...thank you to the Pinter's for coming by on saturday to watch courtney compete for a while...
it meant a lot that you came to see what all her year round hard work is all about!

...she finished her Championships on saturday winning 2nd runner up at the end of the day!!!!
Fling = 2nd
Sword = 4th
Seann Truibhas = 4th
Tulloch = 3rd
( congratulations babe!!! )

...and thank you to my mom who almost never misses a competiton!! you are a great support to us all in our highland world, and to our extended dance family too! we are lucky to have such a warm and wonderful cheerleader for all our girls!!
( P.S, i think ALL the girls should just call you their adopted grandma already...hahahaha!!! )
...sunday was the Nationals competition.
mike and tyler tagged along for this one as mike was completing our volunteer duties for the year! ( thank you honey!!! )

...it was a beautiful warm and sunny day. a happy day.
courtney and kelsey having a little snack break to re-energize!

....all warmed up and ready to dance her Sailor's Hornpipe...

....and finish the day off with her Irish Jig...
...i have to share with you that at this competition only, once a year, the last dance of the day is the 6 step McGowan Jig. What happens is the dancers who have placed 1st , 2nd, and 3rd from each Premier age group get a Call Back to come and do another McGowan Jig in a dance off.
This was a large group of 18 dancers ranging from 10 years old to over 18 years old.
the top 3 from each group. IF the dancer gets a call back to compete in the dance off, they don't find out their actual placing until after during the results / awards.
this was courtney's 3rd year with the opportunity to try and be in that top three for a call back and she finally reached that goal on sunday!
she was so thrilled to hear her number being called ( and so were we! )
Anyway, it was a very exciting part of the day. And during the results, we found out that in Courtney's competition class she had placed 1st! so happy for her!
here's her results from sunday:
Lilt = 2nd
Village Maid = 3rd
Blue Bonnets = 3rd
Sailor's Hornpipe = 1st
McGowan Jig = 1st
congratulations to courtney and ALL her dance friends on a job well done and all your wonderful dancing this weekend!! keep it up!
...and lastly, here's a few scrappy pics of last night's layouts for
we played with masks and glimmer mists...

...some buttons and stitching with embroidery floss...

...and some more glimmer misting using the mirror embellishments as the masks and then off-centering them to stay, and also free hand cutting letters from felt ( and of course, more stitching...heeheehee )

...i hope you are all having a fabulous week so far...
see ya soon!!


xoxo... t said...

Congratulations to Courtney on such a successful weekend! What a great feeling when all that hard work pays off!

Class was SO much fun as usual! I had a hard time picking a fave this time! So sad I won't be able to make it next Monday :(

Oh how I love little Oliver!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYY a new post! Ha ha.
Courtney did awesome this weekend, we were all proud of her. I enjoyed hanging out with Heather for lots of Saturday!
Congratulations to Tyler on his end of year recital and we look forward to hearing him in the coming year.
We love you guys...
Lori and Alex
ps) nice scrapped pages too!