Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer update.....

yep....we've sure been having a fun, fun, busy summer!
i hope you have been too!
after spending a day and a half in the city ( since my last post ) on july 17, we were headed off back to the cabin for another 8 days, with my mom too!
that day was a hectic one.
getting ready to go back is always crazy with planning and shopping and running around.
but it was also mine and mike's 6th Anniversary!!
and it was also the weekend of the Selkirk rodeo, which mike had been asked to give a hand in volunteering bartending in the beer gardens all weekend....
so needless to say, once we literally chucked our cold food into the fridge & freezer at the cabin, we went straight out to the rodeo for the evening!!

...we had missed the end of the rodeo show by the time we got there, but the kids were happy to enjoy a whole evening full of rides again!!

...the Rock-O-Planes.
i convinced my dare-devil daughter to go on this one with me, and let's just say it was not her favorite!! She hung in til the end, but don't think she'll ever go on this one again!

...and who doesn't love bumper cars??

...or Carnie Food?
Mmmmm....mini donuts!!!

....we stopped to say 'bye' to mike who was still crazy at work in the beer gardens when they closed the rides down at midnite...he didn't finish until 1:30am and then stayed on to help clean up after that...oh well, we can always celebrate our anniversary next year properly!! LOL!

sunday july 18.
a quiet day today. mike cleaned up the yard from the weekend before's tearing down of the gazebo. and oliver helped himself to some fresh kale in the morning...

...on one of mike's truck runs to the dump, he found a little yard sale and got tyler a new lake bike for $10....it's an awesome little bike, like new too! tyler was pretty happy!

...we bbq'd jumbo dogs and home made burgers for supper before mike had to head back home to the city - work tomorrow :(

...along with my pasta salad...

...and dill & onion potatoes ( thanks Brat!! )
...later in the evening, i taught tyler how to play solitaire and then we all watched "50 First Dates"....we have movie night pretty much every night at the cabin!!

july 19.
well, well, well....
nikki, john and taylor came out for the day today again. and after their last visit and falling in love with the jetski, look what they came back with!! HAHA...sucka's!!!
their OWN new toy!
...nikki's first ride on their jetski...

...john's first tube ride...

...compliments of nikki and courtney...
( and he stayed on! )

...and tyler going for a tube ride too!

...after a fun day at teh beach, we went to Sherwood Forest Chipstand for a yummy supper of home made fries and burgers...and smokies, and chicken burgers, and perogies, and poutine, and chicken nuggets....HAHA!

july 20.
mom and i packed up a picnic lunch and the kids today and went to Patricia Beach for the afternoon!
it was't as windy or wavy as last time, but still a gorgeous day and fun for the kids!
...heehee....i was trying to get more jumping pics of the kids...maybe i should be putting tyler into highland dance with his sister...look at those POINTS!! HAHA!

...we stayed until around 6pm...long fun day! and i loved how the sunlight was sparkling on the water by then...so i tried a few shots of my beautiful little mermaid...
( teehee )

"Hi Mom! "

...sigh. time to go.

...we had leftovers and a yummy salad for supper that night!

july 21.
the malinowski's came out for a beach day with us today. and they brought pete ( linda's brother ) along with them too. they have a new campsite in Powerview / PineFalls and are only about a 25 minute drive from the cabin so day trips are a quick drive away!
anyway....pete brought out his kayak and canoe and the kids were all over it.
he gave them each a quick lesson on kayaking and they all had a try.
courtney LOVES it! ( uh oh....i think i forsee a new toy purchase in the future! )

...carson having fun in the canoe...

...mom, linda and dave chillin' on the beach...

...Miss Kelly and tyler enjoying some watermelon...
( note our mexico blanket being put to use Tara?? )

...pete and carson heading out for a canoe tipping safety lesson...

...and then later that evening...
courtney painted my toes again for me!

...made pita pizza's for supper...

...had some more play time with oliver...

...oliver loves to chase after the kids...you should see him sprint! too funny!

friday july 23.
our neighbor friends told courtney that they had this little kayak for her to use if she'd like as they don't use it. ( they have very young boys in the family so I'm sure that soon enough it will be used! ) anyway, they told her she could use the kayak anytime she wanted...she was in heaven!!!
pete said he was going to come out for the afternoon today to do more of his own kayaking so courtney was practising and anxiously awaiting pete's arrival so she could go with him for a ride together!!!
...and off they go for their ride!!!!

...and mike was happy to be playing on the jetski for a while...
the next 3 pics are in order of a good laugh....

saturday july 24.
today we had the Malinowski's and pete and his wife arlene come for the day at the beach.
it was a super hot day so the beach was packed and the water was busy with boats and jetski's and lots of fun!!!
( kelly trying out the kayak )
...courtney and rachel taking the canoe for a ride...

...mike and tyler playing on the jetski...tyler loves doing tricks on it with daddy!!
( and laughs when they end up in the lake - and climbs right back on for more! )

...pete trying out dave's jetski...( another hook, line and sinker??? haha )

...arlene chillaxin'...

...me and pete...

...me and linda...

...me and dave...

...Miss Kelly. eat your heart out cindy crawford!!

"The Dad's" decided to let rachel and courtney go on their first jetski ride on their own. they have been learning and riding with The Dad's for a while now, and today was the day to go solo!!

sunday july 25.
we had another super fun day with friends again!
the malinowski's AND the pinters were out for the day with us!
...Miss Taylor...

...mike and john on the toys...

...Hmmm. not sure why no pics at supper time but I made a lasagna for us and nikki made caesar salad and brought garlic bread...it was all delicious!!!
and then it was time to come back home sunday night.
only to do more laundry again monday!
...i took the kids with me to pick up a few things for dinner and tyler unwillingly agreed to let me take his picture of him picking out his own first pit stick!! heehee! he thinks he sweats and his armpits stink. he's 8. but, whatever makes him happy!!!

...and last night's SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH had courtney and i go out for about an hour and a half to 'storm chase' or should i say " light show chase"!!!
i coulnd't get any shots of the lightening later, but took this one at Kilcona Park on our travels before it got too dark.

seriously, this post took me 2 hours from selecting pics, uploading and journaling.
i hope you are your families are all enjoying a fun and safe summer so far too!
leave me a comment and share what you've been doing!
still lots of room for the August 13 summer hall crop.
St. Saviour's.
6pm - midnite.
email or call me to register as always!!


xoxo... t said...

WOW! What a blog post! You Griffins are sure living it up again this summer! That is SO great! I have tried to do the same thing and am loving it. All the pics of you guys jetskiing, kayaking, eating all that delicious food, movie nights and Oliver are amazing! I can't wait to see what you do with these summer pictures :)

Just love it :)

Even though I miss you lots, I would spend every minute I can enjoying that summer sun if I were you! Of course, I can't wait until September when it's time to start all over again!

Love your pics and the updates and KEEP EM' COMING!!



Anonymous said...

Great pics Kim! We had soooo much fun out with you guys (as you know)out at Gull Lake! I'm just loving making memories for the kids of how much fun we can be still!! Oliver is so dang cute and soft, He is a great pet. Just so everybody knows also KIM YOU ARE A GREAT COOK!!!TTYL...Nikki