Wednesday, August 11, 2010

...playing the 'catch up" summer game...

Lots of Photos!!!
...since my last post, we've continued on our busy summer with more visits out to the family cabin at Gull Lake....and started again at the end of July with Courtney and I FINALLY getting
to the movies theatre to see ECLIPSE!!!!
( and yes, we were total Twilight geeks and wore our Team Edward shrits that my brother Curt made up for us....)
SIGH....oh Edward....

on july 28 courtney finally got her haircut she's been waiting so patiently for....
10 inches...bye bye!!! ( donated to Wigs for Kids, Cancer Care, Mb )
:) was funny too, because once her hair was cut that short...all these CURLS popped out of nowhere!! it looks so nice!!

...i didn't get my hair done that day with her, but hey....

...mike started 10 days holidays after work that day, so after all our running around during the day, we were all off to the cabin once mike got off work!!
we discovered Oliver loves Cheerios while we were at the cabin too.....
...the next day was spent having beach and water fun all day...

...we've been letting the kids drive the machines on QUIET days on the lake too, after lots of learning lessons from the they've been loving that freedom!

...and we have two adorable little chipmunks visiting us in the cabin yard often...i think it's the peanuts that did they have a home in the ground right outside the door!

...more water fun...
mike was being given a tube ride and was determined to not fall off again...

...BUT if you look at the far left of this next picture....

tyler and kelly...

...later that evening, we packed up and went over to the malinowski's trailer park to go with them to pete and arlene's for a pickerel fish fry!!
she cooked 'em up in a light cajun breading...
soooo gooooood!!!!
...and i went on my first motor/scooter/cycle ride after some instruction from logan...
( and didn't wipe out! )

...tyler was shown how to ride the Razor scooter and went for a ride...

courtney and kelly...

courtney and rachel...

...i love this one. tyler was playing his nintendo DS on the picnic table with kelly watching over his shoulder ( and sometimes offering her advise! ) and they looked so cute in the sunset light....

...speaking of sunset. i shot this standing on the Manitoba Hydro dam in Powerview/Pinefalls.
( near the malinowski's trailer park )
Luv. It. day was full of beach and water activity again...
afterall, t'was the long weekend!!
we had the pinter and the malinowski families sharing the beach with us for the day...
and dang, did we have a blast!!
nikki had cooked chili for us for supper that night and i made a salad and potatoes to accompany good supper that night!!!!
we had a bonfire later that hot dogs and marshmallows with the kids...

and nikki, john and taylor spent the night with us!
( in the cabin since john saw a bear on their way down the gravel road to the cabin and was too chicken to sleep in their tent! )
:) day was another hot and sunny one, so of course we were at the beach all day again!!BooYa!!!!

(nikki and i )

...nikki "hot doggin' on their new toy!!

...and john "hot doggin'... day was pretty not so great. so courtney and i drove into selkirk and hit walmart for some fresh cabin needs and naturally THIS movie was just released for sale that day, so needless to say, tyler was ecstatic when we brought it back to the cabin.
and of course, it was the choice for our movie night that night...

...aug 4...nikki and taylor came for the day and we took them to patricia beach for a picnic day at the beach! fun waves and good times!!!

hola nikkita!!

...i took tyler for a long walk down the beach too and here's all his treasure findings whilst on our walk...
...heehee...nikki started a feeding frenzy by throwing up handfuls of soft popcorn twists for the seagulls...but it gave an awesome opportunity to snap a few shots of them in flight...

...Mmmmmm....and then back to the cabin for lasagna, caesar salad and garlic toast for dinner...

aug 5. not a very good beach day. cool wind blowing off the lake.
so i sat down at the water for a couple hours reading my current book
"wild scottish embrace"and enjoyed some quiet time...heehee!
later that day, mike and i took the kids for a short drive to Beconia to fill up our water jugs from the well....and of course, it just wouldn't be right to pass up a drive to Beconia beach for some sunset shots before leaving!!

...aug 6. met with nikki and taylor at patricia beach for another fun picnic / beach day....
and also had a surprise visit along from Val and her girls!!
it was a fun day again!!

..went back to the cabin ( after another quick swim in the lake ) and we were off to Pinefalls for Chinese for supper with arlene and logan, and then a short visit with the malinowskis.

aug 7.
last day at the lake.
a full beach day at the lake.
swimming. jetsiing. tubing. bbq-ing.

...of course, mikes holidays had to come to an end. BOO.
but there's always lots to do at home after 10 loads of laundry!!!
we also tried giving Oliver his first little "splash" in the tub with the shower head sprinkling..
he was fine, drinking from the sprinkling water too, until he got his whole face in the jetstream and hopped out of the tub in a panic!!

...mmmmm....made mexican for supper that night!

on monday, while trying to figure out how to entertain the kids on such a hot scorcher of a day, i threw the idea of checking out the newly renovated pool at kildonan park out.
we packed up a little picnic and got our swim suits on and were on our way within minutes!
upon our arrival, the line up at the gate was ridiculous, and the pool looked beyond full, so we decided to pass on the pool and venture around the park.
First stop: Witch's Hut!

yep, that old witch hasn't changed one bit over the years....

...i wanted to go walking through the north flower garden, so the kids were playing on the swings while i strolled through the garden with my camera....
here's just a few of my fav's!

...after a couple hours of exploring, the heat was gettin' to us all, so the kids wanted to try checking out the pool once again and in we went.
i will say, however, unwillingly on my part.
there must have been over 200 people in that pool.
all i could think of was the urine level content and my kids keeping their mouths closed in the water!!
( and thank god for onsite showers and hand sanitizer, ya know?? )

....yesterday we took oliver to get his nails trimmed and buy shavings and some chewy treats!!
i washed and scrubbed out his cage and we took him for his FIRST outdoor
"grazing feast" in the back yard! since our grass hasn't been cut in 13 days, there was lots of
dandelion greens to nibble on...who needs a lawn mower when you have a bunny???
and that, my friends, is one long post!!!
and what adventures have you been on this summer????
...i think i need to post something scrappy soon, don't you???


xoxo... t said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Another Kimmy post! Wow, you guys are sure getting around this summer! All the pictures look great, love the flowers!

Sounds like you are having an amazing summer! Pack as much into it as you can before it's over!!!

XOXO and YES, I agree, something scrappy! HAHA!

Miss ya, but see you Friday!


xoxo... t said...

P.S. LOVE Oliver in the shower! So adorable!

Rosalynd Kelly said...

Love all your guys are havin' a great summer! Lookin' forward to the scrappy stuff too!