Sunday, November 9, 2008

open house door prize winner IS....

you have won the door prize from my Open House today!!!
thank you TYLER for being my "BINGO" caller / name puller tonight!!!
( i will make arrangements for drop off with you tonight! )
THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to shop and have a visit with me today!!!
...i am all packed up again and ready for a FUN, FUN night tomorrow of making Christmas Cards with Michelle from Stampin' Up....i will be showing off the pictures of the completed cards in a couple of days!!! there's still another class available at my house with Michelle on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24 if you'd still like to try them out!!! ( there will be FIVE different cards at the second class )
...well, i'm off to get my jammies on and have a cup of tea in my favorite Scotland mug and watch a bit of tellie in bed!!
YAAAWWWNNNN......been a long day!!!
have sweet dreams everyone....i know Lori Novak will now!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lori Novak.

I had fun at the open house Kim.

Thank You for having it.


Tara said...

Congratulations Kim! Sorry I couldn't make it but I will see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Kim, Tyler, Courtney and Mike! I enjoyed the open house and all the cool stuff I bought and look forward to using all my new stuff for Scrapbooking!!
Thanks so much for the wonderful door prize. Enjoyed the visit yesterday and I hope you did well clearing some of your inventory.
Thanks Dana, for the kind wishes and see you soon Kim!
Lori N.