Thursday, November 27, 2008

farewell to lots of memories...

an emotional morning today indeed...
mom and i went to my Grandparents house to get the last utility readings and one last
check through their house.
the new owners move in tomorrow.
of course we all know that grandma and grandpa's move into their brand new
seniors apartment was the BEST thing for them, but it is still very difficult for
all of us as we have now come to this last day of calling their house
The Smith Residence.
They lived here over 65 years, raised all of their children in this house and shared a
lifetime of happy memories here.
naturally, it's hard to let the tangable aspect of a lifetime go.
the very foundation of new beginnings, family traditions taught lovingly and a home filled with the warmest welcome when you walk in the door.
we must remind ourselves that none of this has changed, only the address of its tenants.
Farewell 767.
I promised my Grandma I would take as many pictures as possible as I walked about their house today.
so vivid i could almost hear them,
flooded me as i wandered through the upstairs with my camera.
I had to sit against the wall, right in the corner where she kept her big wooden sewing box, and have myself a little is indeed hard to let go.

..but i do have a happy and funny memory that i will share with you...
( there's so many, but this one is a great one )
these trecharous stairs.
thin carpet, steep drop, and most inviting to 7 & 8 year olds...
so many times my two brothers and I would climb to the top and race down these stairs on our STOMACHS only to be practically in tears by the bottom from the severe carpet burn we got on our travel down! Oh yes, we did it on purpose to compare battle scars after racing each other down a few times ( and before my parents figured out what we were doing and hollered to KNOCK IT OFF !!! )
man, were we dumb!

Moms last photo on the back door steps....

"This too shall pass"


Tara said...

Awww Kim, that made my heart skip a little beat... you sure know how to put things into the right words! So lucky you are to have a place like that that has all those wonderful memories... Now it's time for a new family and a new set of memories!
Now this will make a good Scrapbook page, I think!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kim and Heather. My heart is breaking a little for you...I am glad you have such happy memories of the home. Know that your grandparents are the spirit behind the home...and they are happily doing really well. But yes, say goodbye to the house. May it give 65 years of happiness to the next family too!
It will be OK.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

such a nice story about the house. we still look fondly on our old houses too- nothing like 65 years though.... wow

I'm glad you kids still have your teeth! we used to do that as kids and my brother lost a few on the way down.


lori said...

wow kim do you know how to put it into word
i felt the tears well up in my eyes on to better and more memories
its a hard feeling my kids had a hard time say ing bye to their home we had lived their 27 years
time to create new memories

Anonymous said...

You made my eyes leak!!! Its so nice to hear your grandparents are still with each other after all these years. Its also ok to let your eyes leak once in awhile too!
luv trac

Original Inspirations said...

Kim - I know that the keys are turned over - but hey - it would be cool if you laid yourself down on your stomach on those stairs and someone took a photo!