Friday, November 21, 2008

december class head's up....and I'VE BEEN PLAYING!

i've taken advantage of some free daytime while the kids were at school and actually
with no deadline, ultimate purpose or neccessity!!!
that was fun!
( i've been digging out some older photos sitting in old albums...i've found GOLD i tell you....gonna be LOTS more to come! )

( yes, i used JAVEX and BUBBLE WRAP on the layout above!!! FUN STUFF...

just a head's up for December class dates:
Monday, Dec. 1 - Monday night SKETCHES
Friday, Dec, 5 - HALL CROP AT St. Saviours Church HALL
Monday, Dec. 8 - Christmas Journal class
Friday, Dec. 12 - Potluck Christmas Crop / Party at my house.
( i have sent out an email to everyone on my contact list with a detailed outline of these classes, if you have not received it or wish to be added to my email list, please contact me at
and i will add you to my special list!!
( wink )
have a FABULOUS weekend everyone....


Tara said...

Love these layouts! They are beautiful! Man those kids are going to look back one day at the amazing albums you've made them and be so thankful for a Mom like you!

See ya tonight!


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome layouts. What a neat idea with the bleach and bubble wrap.
I will let you know on classes, but I am for sure in for the Hall Crop and not the Potluck unless I can come later, like 8 or so (have to see what the little man is like on his B-Day).

Tara said...

P.S. I love that Rhinestone Butterfly, do you have those for sale???

Kim said...

i don't have them in...YET...but i will be ordering them in a few different colors.

lori said...

kim beautiful layouts love the big sister

Tara said...

I`ll take clear please!