Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank you!


felt good to take a wee break.
lots of my dear friends and family have commented or emailed to keep up the blog.
didn't know i had so many loyal readers!
family in scotland even emailed to keep it up for all the same reasons as you...
i enjoy writing in my blog journal, it keeps me organized too.
i love to share our family events and happenings with everyone.
and it's a great way of sharing my scrapbooking world and business with you too.
busy day today with my hall crop tonight so i must be off to pack up,
but i will be posting and catching up soon!
THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me to continue with this and for all your nice emails too! they all meant a lot to me and i didn't realize so many of you did stop and visit!!
thank you!


Tara said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! So happy you're keeping it up Kimmy! I was going through some serious withdrawal there!

Can't wait for tonight, see ya at 6!

lori said...

kim so glad to hear ur staying with ur blog really enjoy reading
it makes a nice warm touch each time i read and see all ur exciting pics
see u later bye

Dana L Gordon said...

I am thankful for you keeping the blog going. Even if you do it once a week would be good if you find a daily entry too much. I know that you will be too busy towards the middle of August to blog anything so you better do lots before and after so we are not going to go through withdrawals.

Tara said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that! You're going to be in Scotland!

I hope you will have access to a Computer to tell us about your journeys and show us some pics!

Anonymous said...

kim I miss you on here please come back soooooonnnn....Nikki

Tara said...

I agree! 5 days is waaaaay too long. I keep checking back and checking back and nothing new!


We love you Kimmy!

Tara said...

p.s. pics of your new kitchen please!

lori said...

hows the renos going
kids must be getting excited with school almost over
have a good day all