Monday, June 30, 2008

school's out for summer!!

what can i say? school is out and the kids are full of summer energy!
yesterday we set up the new 'slip 'n slide' for them in the front yard and let 'em go!!
i had to 'dabble' around the toy myself to cool off once in a while....they had a blast!

..the night before, when i was making meatballs, tyler asked to help cook dinner!
i love it when the kids want to help out in the kitchen, they feel good about getting to cook and contribute to the family and i just like the help! ('s also another peek in the new kitchen too!!! )

...getting ready for the last day of school is always a mad dash around here...
i always want to make sure that the teacher's gifts are something personal and special as they have had such a huge impact on my children for a whole school year. this year i made tyler's kindergarten teacher a 5 x 7 ( 7 Gypsies raw chipboard album ) mini album as her gift! i used photos that i had taken right from the first day of school to the second last day of school! i loved making this little album for her! i had tyler do some journaling throughout the album to add his special touch to it as well!
here are a few photos i took of it before we gave it to her on the last day...she loved it!!

...and for courtney's grade four teacher, we made him an altered wooden clipboard and painted and mod podged it!! i also made up a little photo album with all the photos i had taken from the first day of school, specail events and field trips i came along on....he loved his gift too!!

that last day came and went too fast...we look forward to the last day as we now have so much time to spend together and do lots of family things...including going to our cabin at the lake...and of course our big trip to Scotland in august....but it is also sad for me too because i get attached to their teachers for so many different reasons and it's hard to say goodbye, even though we will see them again in the fall. teachers play such an important role in our kids' lives and expose them to so much value and knowledge. i don't think that they often get the credit they deserve from parents and i can only hope that they feel as grateful as i do for all their dedication and love they put into their everyday school lives with our children.
thank you mrs. thomson and mr. dyck for such an amazing and passion filled year!!

tyler, the kindergarten graduate!!
way to go little man....
and here's miss courtney with her special school patrol award...very cool kiddo!

the last day of school at last!

...well, i am off to bed now. gonna have a very busy day tomorrow with last day preparations for mine and courtney's trip out to Victoria, B.C for her Interprovincial Championships!!
our plane leaves at 6:30am wednesday morning so it's gonna have to be an early night tuesday i don't know if i will get another chance to blog until we get back next week, so if i don't, i hope you all have a fantastic first week off school and do something fun!!!
see ya soon!


Tara said...

Congratulations Courtney and Tyler on a great school year!

I totally forgot you were leaving today! Hope you had a great Canada Day and have a a GREAT TRIP!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job kids on finishing school with such success!! You are going to have such a special summer so enjoy it since it goes by so quick! Enjoy your time in BC and good luck! Nikki

Andrea said...

Good luck, kiddo. I'll be thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going weel and I miss you both! cant wait to see you and your medals!!!!!!! Nikki

As You Wish... said...

ah, school - sometimes I miss being a kid. Being responsible SUCKS! :) I was a patrol too, I miss going on the patrol trips for the day, we used to go to Wheelies. Do they still do that? Anyways, your back and gone again! :P Good luck to Courtney, have a fun and safe trip, see your blog when you get back!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Courtney and Kim, I want to see photos of the Victoria Trip and all the adventures you guys had! I will come back to see what amazing things transpired for you in the last week or so! And soon it will be off to see Nessie for you and me too!
Lori & Alex.
ps) Alex enjoys seeing herself in your photos!