Wednesday, June 25, 2008

long enough? first announcement before i get caught up here is...
i have FINALLY quit my serving job at Montana's!!!!
officially since may 26, i am no longer going to be bringing you iced tea or baby back ribs or mile high mud pies!!!
i am sooooo relieved to be able to focus ALL my energy and attention now on my family and my business! YAY!
starting in september, The Scrappin Studio will be the vendor for Lora Leigh's hall crops once a month at Rossmere Golf and Country Club, as well as keeping my own monthly hall crops too. I will be picking up the monthly kits again in september as june was the last kit for the summer ( there are still 3 left if anyone still wants one!! )
so i am very excited for lots of new starts this coming fall for The Scrappin Studio!!
now, catch up news...
i took this photo today of tyler and his kindergarten teacher, mrs. thomson.
she is so special to us and has been just a wonderful person to tyler and given him the best learning experience and springboard into his grade school education!
tyler loves her lots and we are wondering what we are going to do without her in grade 1??

yesterday was Field Day at school. i hung out for the afternoon with the kids ( after bringing along a fun picnic lunch on the playground with them ) and enjoyed all the activity going on!
thank goodness for all the 'water station' activities!! it was a hot day..

courntey had her last 'class' lesson last night ( of course there will be lots of extra private lessons and scotland workshops through the summer yet...) but after the lessons last night, the Wog's invited us over for a dip in their new pool!!
the girls all had a great time and it was a nice treat to cool off after dancing!
thank you susan and travis!!!
( courtney and kelsey )
...the dancers...

...the reno's are pretty much complete with the exception of little details...
so i don't want to post 'almost done' photos until it's really ALL done...
here's a peek at my new kitchen walls though!!
see....i told you i was adding some color to our home!!
no more all white kitchen!!
we had mom, airiel, and grandma and grandpa come for our first official 'sit down' dinner in our new kitchen a couple weeks ago and courtney wanted to make something out of her kids she made us our dessert!! yummy!!!

...hmmm...oh yes...
tyler passed his last swimming lesson session! he will now be starting off in swim kids 3 in september!

courtney finally received her brand new full kilt and new dance hose made in scotland!! she will be wearing it for the first time next week when we go to Victoria, B.C for the Canadian Interprovincial Championships!!! I can't wait to see her dance in it!!
( do you see any resemblance to the kitchen walls...hmmmm.....)
the tartan is called Dress Turquoise Buchanan.

...and finally, these are a couple photos from her June 7 competition at the Forks.
she did really well and all the Manitboa Rep's going to Victoria were also called on stage and presented with a MHDA ( Manitoba Highland Dancers Association ) CHEQUE to help out with the trip expenses!!
so, this is courntey's very first dance money presentation!!!
...thank you again to my mom, who came out both days to be supportive and cheer courtney on!
she's so lucky to be so blessed by such a loving and 'always there for us' grandma!!!
i couldn't get through some of these competitions without your positive attitude mom!!
that's all for now!
gotta go make some meatballs for supper!


Dana L Gordon said...

I love the color of the kitchen and will hopefully get to see it all soon.
Courtney, you can make me that dessert any time you like and your new kilt color is gorgeous. I wish you well with all of your summer dancing.
See you sometime this summer (Hopefully).....

Anonymous said...

Your Back Finally, and I beat Tara in a Messege, SCORE!!!!! LOL. I love the color of the kitchen ,its such a mellow soft shade to enjoy a meal in . WAY TO GO TYLER you little water guy !!! Courtney like always awesome in the dancing , love the kilt so much very nice colors in it you will look so pretty..We have got to get together soon Kim i miss you lots .......Nikki

Tara said...

FINALLY! I was about to send you a threatening message. Darn it, Dana and Nikki beat me. Oh well!

Way to go Courtney and Tyler on all the accomplishments these last few months have brought! Courtney, you're about to have a BIG SUMMER! Tyler, way to go on passing Kindergarten and I'm so happy that you had such a special teacher to share your first year with!

Kim, talking about accomplishments - BYE MONTANAS!

The kitchen rocks. I love it. By the way, you also rock.

Can't wait for Potluck Crop this Friday! Still undecided as to what I am bringing but I will figure it out!

See ya tomorrow night sister!


Debb said...

Hi blurking again and thought I had better leave a note.

Your kitchen looks great From what I've seen Have a good summer...