Tuesday, March 8, 2011


...a little dance update here...
Lynn is still hanging on with us!
We were told one month ago YESTERDAY that her time with us was very limited, maybe a couple weeks, and she is just telling that time line "WHATEVER!!!!"
after my short visit with her last week she told me she didn't know if she would see me again during our last hug of the visit, but she has the will power that is out of this world!
but in the meantime, dancing has taken a huge change, of course, through all this since January.
and after unsure decisions and possibilities, a new door has opened for courtney's highland dance future and we would like you to meet Susan, her new dance teacher!

...susan is a senior dancer of Lynn's and has been part of our dance school family since she was a little girl herself. she is one of Lynn's substitute teachers since january and has helped courtney immensely through some tough, sad times when this all began.
not only has susan been there for our dancers emotionally, she has been a big impact and continuous supporter of helping the girls keep up their work during this emotional roller coaster and focus on their goals and dedicate to help reach them at the last competition in February!
when she announced she will be opening her own highland dance school not only in honour of Lynn, but as a challenge and a goal for herself to keep highland alive in her life, there was no question that we would continue our future in dance with her!
she has proven to courtney and i that she is willing to work hard with the girls and set / achieve new goals and we are very happy with how great the kids are all settling in with her as their permanent new teacher!
i have every confidence that this was the best decision for courtney!
...the only thing that is taking some getting used to is the new location...a school gymnasium!!
( Lynn taught in her home basement! )

...the kids also made some new artwork to drop off at Lynn's on our way home from dance too!
( thank you sheila for helping out with this delivery! )
...yesterday i was in another home made soup funk, so on the menu was cream of broccoli and cheese ( and bacon ) soup!!
thank you to miss courtney for your help in the kitchen!!

...TYLER was sulking all through dinner that he didn't like the soup, so after we were all done, and tyler was STILL sitting at the table fussing over his soup, i brought Oliver in to 'encourage' tyler to eat his soup or else oliver will...so he tried feeding it to the bun bun...
silly boys!!

i still have some spots available for this friday's upcoming hall crop!
please call or email to register.
i also have some exciting scrapbooking news to share with you!!
mark your calendars...
Friday, May 27 and Saturday May 28
will be the dates for my two day crop!!
there is only 40 spots available, and registration will be based on both days first...if the crop does not fill up, then i will open space to only friday or saturday croppers!
i am still in the planning stage, so please bear with me while i sort it all out...i just wanted to share the dates with you for now!!!
...be back soon...


xoxo... t said...

SIGN ME UP SISTER!! Woohooooo!! So exciting! I can't wait :) I''ll try my best to not hound you every day for details, HAHAHA!

That soup looks AMAZING.

Glad to hear you are happy with Courtney's new teacher and sounds like it will be somewhat of a smooth transition (as much as can be expected, anyway)...


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!! sign me up. I know u dont have all the details sorted out but would the Friday be an all day thing or just after work thing?

that soup does look killer!!!!!!!
and the pic of Tyler reminds me of Hudson some days :)


Kim said...

...friday will still be 6pm - midnite...and saturday times not sure yet....


Anonymous said...

Well its happen' the studio is doin' a 2 dayer cool, count me in.
will spread the word once you send out the newsletter.I will fw it to anyone else i can think of.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Kim.
Yes, Lynn's a fighter but she is also allowing all the love to pour in. And I am happy that we can all express what she has meant to us.

We'll see you Friday night, I am sure our group will discuss the May crop then.
Lori N.