Thursday, March 3, 2011


...soooooo happy I had an opportunity to have a small visit with LYNN last night before going to Courtney's dance lesson!! We brought her some new artwork from the kids and some food and fruit to help out with meals for her and her 24 hour caregiver (and BFF ) at home!!
The whole dance family has come together to cook and provide lunches and meals for Lynn to ease the stress off her caregiver...and it's so wonderful to see the outpour of love in so many thoughtful ways just shine through for Lynn at such a difficult and sad time.
We really are the BEST dance family ever!!

...I thought it was time to try my own rendition of a "currently" post as i've been inspired by many bloggers of whom I keep up with and their own 'currents'....and most recently my sweet friend TARA ( ) has tempted me to finally give it a try!
( ...and might i add that TARA has also successfully been published in CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKERS magazine for her first time in the new issue pg. 94!!! CONGRATULATIONS and big hugs to you Missy!!!! )
so here goes:
listening: to my furnace clicking on and off ( i really should put some music on down here! )
eating: a tim horton's bacon and egg breakfast sandwich on a biscuit
drinking: tim horton's hot chocolate. extra milk
reading: breaking dawn, for the 3rd time!
wearing: black yoga pants, long sleeve black GAP shirt ( a fav ) and black socks...hmmm, what's up with all the black today?
feeling: sick from my stupid cold starting up again, but happy from my visit last night
weather: still winter, so COLD! ( but sunny )
wanting: a part time job for some extra $$$ - summer's holidays are coming!
needing: a bigger house...and a part time job...hahaha!
thinking: that sometimes life just isn't fair, but blah, blah blah...things happen for a reason, when you're ready to believe it!
enjoying: recent successes of my children and knowing i have the best family in my 4 walls every day!
wondering: when I'll ever get to Scotland again... back soon...


xoxo... t said...

AWW! Thank you so much for the shout-out Kim! Thank you for always supporting me and for all your encouraging words :)

LOVE your currently list!

And so so happy that you had a chance to sit with Lynn and visit. I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Love you tons and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tara, quite an achievement! I hope you bring it to show us next scrap night.
Kim, I know Lynn cherished the visit. I am glad you got to give her another hug and visit. She is blessed as we are to have had her for so long in our lives and in the lives of our girls... she will be so highly regarded by our kids.... but it is so hard too.
LOve your photos, your blog and you Kim! Lori N.

Kim said...

Thank you for all your sweet words...and you are sooo right that the blessings are equal with Lynn and all of her dance family, and we are all so very lucky to have been given this time with Lynn to say our "i love you's" and our goodbyes...not everyone gets that opportunity when they lose a loved one which makes it even harder to move on because of no i am thankful for this special time with her.

Thank you for the constant positive support towards my blog and for always sharing a happy comment for me!! I love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh sweet pics that is so sweet of all the kids. You guys are such a great loving dance group, no wonder Lynn loves you guys so very much! Yep Tara congrats again on your pg 94!!! Kim you are just a Timmies Girl and proud of it (hmmm maybe part time at Tims would be the perfect place for you,prob save you TONS of money)!!!...Nikki XOXOXO