Friday, October 1, 2010

...something HUGE to share in my scrappy world...

guess who got her ears pierced today after school???
( well, they were done before but had closed over )
GIGGLE...she was soooo excited to get 'em done, and not even an "ouch"!!!

...and here's my own bit of excitement...
Remember back in May when i shared my "WEEK IN OUR LIFE" project with you?
...i had documented on my blog daily through photography and journaling all our
daily routines and activities and then compiled it all into a totally cute album!!
I had been pondering the thought of "how fun would trying a YEAR project be?"
NOT blogging every day, but definitely taking pictures every day and compiling another album, all over a year period...and I've started it!!! I am soooo stoked about this project!
i had originally planned to do this
"YEAR IN OUR LIFE" project as a class...I had been starting to purchase some
journaling cards to put away to include in the class, but as things started piling up, so did the cost of the project. And I wasn't even at the album part of it yet....'s the deal.
I have taken lots of pictures of my own project so far to share with you AND to see if this is something any of you would be interested in attempting yourself!
if you are even SLIGHTLY interested, I will be offering a couple of
FREE INFORMATION evenings to get you the jist of the whole project!
At the 'meeting', i will have my project available for 'show and tell' and also several color copies of the journaling cards to purchase ( .55 each 8.5 x 11 sheet ) for you to make your own additional copies for your own album!!!
The first information night will be
MONDAY, OCTOBER 4 at and tea will be available.
And a second information night on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14 at 7pm
( both meetings offered will be at my house )
so, without further delay, here's a peek at some of my pages so far...

...these are some of the journaling card sheets that will be available to purchase for .55 / sheet at the meetings...

...doesn't this look like a ton of fun??
my excitement over this project has rubbed off my friend Tara, who has also started her own
"YEAR IN OUR LIFE" album in the middle of September, so there is no given date to start this project....mine started June 30.
So any time is a great time to start...Go for it!
If you are interested in attending either of the info nights, please email me at for further information and to register!!! It's FREE!!!!
Hope this has gotten your creative juices going....


xoxo... t said...

YAAAA!!! Even though I've already started, I will be there Monday the 4th! I need more journaling cards and just want to share in the fun :)


Kim said...

YAAAAYY!!! BRING. YOUR. ALBUM. ( if you don't share as well for more ideas!!! )

See you monday night!!

xoxo... t said...

You got it!!!!

xoxo... t said...

Grams is coming Monday!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea, i would love to see just how much all of us change in one year!!!! I cant make the mondays info as Hudson has swimming but I think I might do the thurs one, I will definately let u know.

it's me said...

This is huge... I love it. What a great idea and keepsake it will be. I have an idea that I will have to share with you. See you Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I would love some journaling cards. The first batch look AWESOME - in other words the ones I want.
I would love for you to have a third evening on talking about this WONDERFUL project as I can't make either one. I can come during the day now, REMEMBER I don't work.

Dana G