Saturday, October 23, 2010


...gee whiz...sick again.
some kind of throat / ear infection.
so i have no voice, nuthin' but squeaking...and not feeling too hot at all.
so. this calls for a JAMMIE DAY!!
( thank you to my sweet, sweet DH for taking courtney to her dance workshop this morning so i could get some bed rest after a sucky week...x0)
i have the mental wellness to desire a little bit of scrappy play while i can...
so i wanted to share something new and exciting!
This will appeal in particular with my friends who are also taking part in the
"YEAR in our Life" project.
just LOOK at these adorable Prima Marketing journaling note cards!
So Cute...

Road Trip...

Paisley Road...

...they are PERFECT for your 4 x 6 page pockets!!
The cute box they come in holds 30 notecards, 5 designs of each style.
I. AM . IN. LOVE!!!!
I had 9 boxes and have sold out...but am definitely ordering more in for the shop.
anyone interested? ( $5.99 / box )

...and here's another little scrappy thing I will quickly share with you...
of course, it is something in the making right now and is inspired by Ali Edwards...
this is going to be a "Pet File" for our bunny Oliver, full of vet info, appointments, photos, his likes and dislikes for food, his happy little quirks and why he stomps his back foot when he's upset...
all kinds of Ollie stuff!!!
can't wait to finish it!
yep...our little bunny is sure loved!!!

...oh, and courtney and i picked out our Halloween pumpkins yesterday...

...hope you're all feeling better than i am today and having a lovely little weekend!!


lori said...

hi kim sorry to hear ur feeling rough iam just starting to feel better was rough all week
i would like a box of those cards please and thanks

i enjoyed ur post with my tea this morning
feel better see u monday

xoxo... t said...

OMG I just wrote this whole comment and it got erased - BOO! Let me try and re-create the magic here.

Hope you are feeling better - beinng sick sucks and you sure have had your fair share! Hope you were able to get some scrap work done. I myself had the whole house to myself until 4pm but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything - even though I have a TON of work to do! All I did was read. HA! But about 5pm, I got my second wind and have been doing some work ever since, with the exception of eating dinner.

Hope you are having a great weekend, with the exception of your cold! AND, could I love those Journaling cards anymore?? I think not! I want them all!

Chat soon!


Anonymous said...

feel better kim!