Sunday, September 20, 2009

this weekend, we were...

we all love our visits from Maggie when her family is away for a few days!
here's a few promised blog photos for the fam!
~ she's soooo cute!! ~

( see...your dog CAN run and play!!! )
:O) wonder she crashes when she leaves our house!!
thanks for the visit with her Malinowski's...hope you had a great weekend!!!
...well, tomorrow is back to Tae Kwon Do for tyler! he usually goes wednesday nights, but this week it's his meet the teacher bbq, so we're starting tomorrow instead!
looks like after this, our family is completely back into our routine of school, my classes and all our activities!
is your family all back to normal yet???


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

What a cutie! How lovely that they have a trusted regular babysitter in you guys, that`s great!
I think I`ll be at LL`s crop on Friday, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute Dog Blog you did. Maggie is such a good dog and they are so lucky to have you, or is it that you are so lucky to dogsit for them?!!!....Nikki

it's me said...

Looks like you had a fun week-end with Maggie!!!! She is very cute.