Saturday, September 19, 2009

happiness... PRETTY IN PINK!!!
it was on t.v a couple nights ago and i sooooo
loved watching a flick from my good ol' high school days!!
This movie has a special place with me...and it was sooooo fun to watch it again after all these years! you must check it out yourself sometime.
( molly ringwald, john cryer, andrew mcarthy ) good!

today is miss kelsey's birthday ( courtney's good friend from dance ) and the girls were all
back into the swing of saturday workshops today and were lucky to be
treated with some birthday cake from kelsey's mom at the end of the lesson!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY...and thanks for the cake for the girls Susan!! was great seeing all the girls again and amazing to see how much they've GROWN over the last two months!!
...and last night i was playing with paper, glue and scissors...
i made my spin off of one of elsie's recipe box sketches!
looking forward to a quiet night in with the family...maybe a pizza and movie night?
...and how is your weekend so far??


Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHH I just watched that movie the other evening also on the satelite! I brings back some great memories for me too KIM! It is alos neat seeing them at that age and how much that they have changed over the years. Glad that dance went great and yummy treat after a hard workshop is such a nice way to end it! Have a great family night...Nikki

it's me said...

Hi Kim!! I am glad that Courtney enjoyed the cake. It was a fun mini-party!! It was so nice to see you too!!!!!

We had a GREAT day!!!!!


p.s. loved the lay-out you did. Thanks for sharing again!!!!!

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Kim! I love it! What a FUN and colorful layout! I am soooo in scrapping mode! Shyan and I sat and did it tonight for almost 2 hours.
Just love it! When are you coming over for a Scrappin' getaway?!