Tuesday, May 20, 2008

long weekend...

my girl.
i am so proud of her.
she works so hard.
she is determined.
she loves to dance.
she makes me so happy.

we went to Regina, Sk this long weekend for the Regina Highland Games and dance competition.
we being courtney, my mom and i.
it was a TOTAL girls weekend and it was so much fun and so relaxing ( well, after the competition! )
she danced sunday morning and placed 3rd overall in her class and then in the afternoon she competed again and placed 5th overall in her new class.
she won medals in all 7 of her dances and is quite proud of herself...and so she should be!
this is her new costume for her national dances that she wore for the first time for compeition...
of course my mom just loves the green!!

lori and her dancing daughter alex went on this trip as well so the girls had lots of fun together and spent several hours in the hotel pool together as well!
it was nice to have friendly company with us while competing away from home too...we were each others support group! hahahaha!!
the girls danced their best and did very well and we are all so proud of their hard efforts!

...we arrived home late last night and saw a bunch of geese with their newly hatched golslings so of course i had to pull over for some photos...courtney loved seeing the little ones again!
...and welcoming us in the door to our house was that ever fresh smell of paint!
mike was very busy starting work in the living room! i will take some photos later for you to see progress, but right now all our furniture is in the middle of the living room floor covered in a dropsheet...the crown mouldings at the ceiling, down the corners of the LR and baseboards are all OFF the walls and in pieces on our deck outside! and the walls are all primed white...a canvas in waiting!! so once we get painted in the LR then mike can start pulling out the carpet and start putting down the new laminate flooring!! yaaaayy!!
we got a call from home depot yesterday to tell us our new kitchen cabinets, countertop and sink are all in now too...looks like this weekend is going to be a total reno weekend!! yikes!!
it will be so nice once it's all done!!

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Tara said...

Way to go Courtney! Great job!

Long weekend was awesome. Friday I spent at your lovely crop, Saturday was my niece's 1st birthday party (the scrapbook went over very well!), Sunday I played the best golf game of my life and Monday, I took a long nap.

Can it get better than that?

Have a great week Kim!