Sunday, May 11, 2008


...just wanted to wish my Mom, my Grandma, Mike's mom and Mike's Gramma
a very warm and happy mother's day!!!
( sorry i don't have photos of mike's M or G to share...need to take the digital camera out more when we do see you...yikes! )
we are heading over to my mom's for a bbq dinner soon which mike will be our CHEF!!
i am looking forward to steak! i made a pasta salad to bring over and i am getting hungry now just thinking about dinner....

..i hope you all take some time today to call your mommies and grandma's ( if you're not going to be seeing them ) to wish them lots of love...
if they are not here to give love and hugs to, then be sure to keep them in your warm and happy thoughts today!!
( don't forget to vote for manny today!)
( manuel bairos of winnipeg )

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