Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...Back to routine

...T'was the night before school,
as Mom labeled shoes,
the summer has ended,
and I've got the blues....
i spent last night double checking school bags and shoes, etc for the kids
and felt more than a little sad that our summer is over and we are all gearing up for
Back to Routine!!!!

...tyler was spiffy and off to Grade 3 this morning...

...and courtney was stylin' and off to Grade 7 this afternoon....

...courtney and BFF rachel were happy to find out today that they were going to be in the same homeroom for another year together! Since Kindergarten, they were only seperated once in Grade 4!!!! what a happy relief for them!

...and other than back to school today, here's the last catch up posting from the rest of our summer!
of course, blogging is always a bit of a task to sit and find time to upload pics and type when there's kids anxious to "do something" nipping at your ankles, but I managed a few LONG summer posts this year!
...on one of our few day trips in the city from the lake, i took the kids to the movies to see Vampires Suck......not bad....but i think i laughed more at tyler killing himself laughing more!

....oliver's last nail trimming...this time she used a filing tool instead of clippers and i could not believe how calm she had him to lay back like this and just let her do her job...
if i ever try to lay him like this, he just squrims and jumps away....little rat.

Who's Bad?
too cute to be bad!!!!
...for Sept long weekend, the four of us loaded up and went to Grand Forks for fri, sat and sun....
and Mike's parents were going to BUNNYSIT for us!!
so the day before we left, i packed up all these little snack bags ( aside from his daily pellet food )for oliver and orange slices and brussel sprouts....and of course his Cheerios!
( i felt like i was packing up a diaper bag again...)
...we had supper at my moms before we left...she wanted to make life a little easier to head out for us...and it was delicious!!!!
...thanks for the send off mom!!!!
....then we were on our way to mike's parents to drop off oliver and have a sleep over before heading for grand forks in the morning...

....FINALLY arrived at the hotel around noon, met up with nikki, john and taylor and we went to grab a bite for lunch and then were on our way to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!!

( matching Tee's )

...ohhhhh Bath and Body Works, Gordmans,s and Super do I love thee??
...courtney was SO EXCITED to finally get her new converse hi top sneakers....
( this was the only thing on her list that was a MUST to buy! )

...and on saturday, our families went to PARADISO'S for dinner...

OMG. Yummy as always!

( mike's mexican fried ice cream, mostly enjoyed by mike and john....don't even TRY to get your spoon in there....BAHAHAHA!!! )

"cheese" - nikki and john!!!!

...we had planned to celebrate Taylor's belated 10th birthday and Courtney's 12th birthday while we were there, so they both got to wear sombrero's and eat an ice cream sundae and were sung to by the staff...HAHAHAHA!!!!!

...and then a swim from 9-11pm......

...mine and courtney's brunch sunday at perkins...
...don't ask why mike didn't eat today....HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!
( is that BEANS??? - wink )
sigh. oh gordmans. again. giggle.
...and last shopping trip to Walmart Supercenter...
Pop Tarts.
the kids and i couldn't believe the flavour variety that we don't have here in winnipeg.
-chocolate chip cookie dough
-ice cream sandwich
-vanilla milkshake
-apple struedel
-cinnamon bun
...just to name a few!!!!
@ $1.97 / box...yep, we stocked up!!!
...last stop = McDonalds at 930pm....
nobody ( except mike ) wanted to go home!!!

...we crossed the border and were on our way to my inlaws to pick up oliver, in which mike decided he wanted to just stay the night and come home in the morning....
thank you again Liz and Ken for shackin' us all up for another night!!!
( heehee....all loaded up and on our way home! )
...once we got home, courntey likes to spread all her new stuff out to look at it all again before putting it all that deserved a photo opp!
we are redecorating both the kids' bedrooms in october, so we lucked out and found some awesome new bedding for them while we were down there....
...and tyler was having a visit, so i didn't get a photo of him and all his stuff, but trust me, he did pretty darn good too!!!!!
we had a fun time, some more than others, ahem Mike, and it was a fun way for one last HURRAH before school and routines start up again!!!!
...and yesterday my mom, the kids and i went up to visit my grandparents for lunch and to bring them a bag of treats we picked up for them too! It was a lovely little visit!!!

...i am thankful that dance lessons and piano won't be starting until next week so we have one week of just school routine to adjust to and not feel too overwhelmed!
our family had such an awesome summer filled with many, many happy and precious memories...i sure hope you and yours did too!!!
Happy Back to Routine Everyone!
Good luck in your first week back at 'er!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of Courtney and Tyler on their first day back at school - they look happy to return and you already told me they had a good day - that's great. I could go for some of that fried ice cream. Glad you all had a fun trip (next time Mike) Love you all, Mom xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Awww so nice. You did good!
I loved to read about all your summertime adventures. Glad you had such a great summer.
see you soon at crop night.
Lori N.

xoxo... t said...

WOW! Look at that haul! Way to go C & T!

Glad the kids had such a great day back to school and your trip to GF looks absolutely heavenly - especially that fried ice cream!

Can't wait for the crop on the 17th! YAHOOOOOOOOO! Back to scrappin'!!!