Wednesday, February 18, 2009


...where does the time go???
okay...before Tara and Lori have withdrawl, i thought i'd better post!
well, i've been doing a bit of scrapbooking...
here's a peek...

...and the next two were used in a sketches class...
( you really have to click on the photos to enlarge so you can see all the details, like SEWING! )

...and of course Valentines Day has come and gone for another year...
i didn't even get my little candy dish shrine out this year for V. Day...bummer.
oh well, it would have been hard to resist anyway!!!
here's our collection of cards from and for everyone...including my flowers from Mike!!
he took me out for dinner to Carlos & Murphys for Mexican on V. Day...YUMMY!!
then we picked up the kids from my moms and mike made them all banana splits ( i was strong and declined...) and then we piled on our bed and watched Shrek the Third together!!
and what did you do??? anything special???
...we had planned to go glo bowling but most lanes were booked until around 9pm, which was too late as courtney had a dance workshop the next day, soooooo...
on sunday we took the kids glo bowling ( 3 games too...) and we ordered a pizza!!
what a fun, fun afternoon!!

...we are getting ready for the Winnipeg Scottish Festival dance competition ( and Championships ) coming up this saturday for courtney...the girls have all been working hard at home and at loooonnnggg lessons in preparation for the big day!!
there are 3 judges coming in for the competition and they are all from Scotland, so it's pretty exciting!
Courtney, Kelsey, Alex and Kailey...i wish you all the best on saturday and will be cheering you all on - GO FOR IT!! that's about it...
been pretty quiet around here lately!
I am still making preparations for my Gimli Getaway scrapbooking retreat coming up in April
( so exciting! )
and doing lots of ordering for new stock for the store at the event too!!
the two free class projects are decided and being worked on now to show some sneek peeks soon to those of you who are attending the retreat!
i plan to send out an email soon with a few updates and surprises...
and i think that's about all for now...


lori said...

yes u dont tara and i going into withdrawal
great pic bowling pis are great
wish courtney luck for her competition
had a great time monday was fun and relaxing thanks again
curious george was awesome

Anonymous said...

The Layouts turned out great, but they do look amazing close up! nice work Kim!
See you--
other Lori

Tara said...

Beautiful layouts Kim! Awesome!

And yes, FINALLY! Haha! I love looking at your work!

I hope you are sending this Gimli update soon! I have been anxiously awaiting to hear the details of classes and projects and contests, oh my!


Do I get my gold star now? HAHA!

The Teachers Pet (as Grams would call me)
AKA Tara

Anonymous said...

I love the layouts...
I may not comment all the time but I do look daily.
Tyler looks so cute without the tooth.
I always love the pictures you take.
Can hardly wait for the Gimli update.


Anonymous said...

wonderful job Kim !!! Glad you guys had fun , looked like you all sure did!!! Nikki