Monday, May 14, 2007


being a week without my computer has been interesting...
i suffered only minor withdrawl symptoms and found that i really didn't miss it all that much...!
last friday mike took our 'puter in for some overhaulin' and de-bugging of viruses found. the computer was freezing and shutting down too often and getting really, after some fine tweeking and some new updated software and RAM, we are now back on track!! gotta love technology...i don't know how to do most of that stuff so that's why we took it in to the shop...i had a friend offer her husbands superior knowledge and help for future reference...thanks Kris!!! (and Troy! )

courtney had a dance competition on may 6 and did very well...two 2nds and a 5th...good for you punky! she worked very hard and danced very well and we're very proud of her! we are actually off to saskatoon the last weekend in may for a road trip dance competition! we are not going with the rest of the dance school....i like to take her once or twice a year somewhere to compete with kids she doesn't usually dance against for a "change in scenery"....i really enjoy driving out to saskatoon and we always love our 4 day stay at the travelodge there....TWO POOL ROOMS ya know!!! anyway, i usually drive out there by myself with the kids as mike doesn't want to lose 2 days pay to come with us ( i still love ya honey ) but this time my mom is taggin' along with the kids and i!!! i'm starting to get anxious for this little road trip now....OH, and courtney will be doing 5 dances in total at the competition, with 3 of them never danced before in competition, so it's very exciting for us!!!

happy "yesterday" mother's day to you mom's out there.....i had to work and close last night. i didn't even get to see tyler as he was having his visit this weekend and he didn't come home til 8pm and i was at work. and of course the kids were in bed by the time i finally got off work and came home at midnight. courtney had a private dance lesson yesterday at 11am and then i dropped her off at a birthday party right after and i was gone to work before she came home from the party. so, basically i had a 'no kids' mother's day. mike took me to the olive garden for lunch before i went to work, but, ya know, seeing all those families there together kinda put a damper on my lunch. i love my kids and my family. it somehow was just a lonely mother's day. oh well, i think it's overated anyway. my kids make me beautiful pictures and crafts everyday, so it's mother's day here everyday for me!!!

...i did a layout for the last scrapjacked post, but i didn't have my computer to enter it it's over. bummer. oh well, they're posting a new jack on the 15th...i'll try again!!! have you tried it yet? if anything, it inspires you to try something new.....

well, i better be off....i have to get tyler from preschool and go get some groceries for supper tonight...i think it's gonna be a spaghetti and salad night...courtney has manta after school and i don't feel like making a huge meal's a crummy, cool rainy day today too. yep. spaghetti it is....heeheehee....

have a great day!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Yay for having your computer back!
Had a great time on Friday, T

Debb said...

Yay!Kim is Back!Good to see a post again!

Charleen said...

Hey Kim!! Cool stuff here... did you check out my latest entry on my blog.... I met and served Paul Walker....!!!!! but your gonna have to call me to get all the details.