Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Happened...


Decision has been made.

This blog will remain viewable, BUT...

if you want to continue along with my

blogging journey,

then come join me at my NEW BLOG...

hope to see you there!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011


to all my Mom, Grandma, Auntie and Proxy Parent friends in my special world!!!!
I tried blogging some pics from my mother's day for you BUT it seems I have used up all my photo storage in my Blogger Google account....
not sure how i'm gonna go about fixing this situation up, but i will be back soon with a remedy!!
Moi Ha Ha....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A little bit of...

...spring shopping for courtney and she was up for a little backyard photo shoot after school on friday!

...this weekend was my friend lora leigh's two day scrapbooking crop in which i was her vendor at again!
i had my sweet, sweet friend tracy keeping me company at my table and LOOK what she brought for us for a treat this weekend!!!
C-Cups cupcakes!! Awwwww Yeeeaaaahhh!!!!
( thanks again Brat....they were delish!! )
...and here's a peek at my creative mind this weekend...
( this one is for my LAST Day 12 sketch for Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook class...all done!! So Fun! )
...and i LOVED digging out some oldies of courtney's to play with again...
( click on any of the photos if you want to see them bigger! )

what fun!!!
:) back soon...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...paper playdate...

thought i would share some scrappiness with you,
now that the venting is over!
HAHA!! ( sort of ) my friend Tara's house on saturday!!!
(tara and mittens) work space...
...i was a bit behind on my Kelly Purkey Sketchbook online class I am taking with Tara, actually, we both were behind. so saturday's plan was to catch up the last four days and one special layout if i still had time...'s my Day 8 sketch day 9 sketch... day 10 sketch...
...and my day 11 sketch...
...i just have day 12 to complete and then the class is done! but the fun part is i can use the class sketch's again and again with different fun variations!
...and here's my "one for fun" for tyler's album....
it is based off a sketch in the gallery and i LOVED the red tartan paper on the kraft cardstock!
...i have no apologies for all my venting on my last post. it is my blog afterall.
these are my thoughts and feelings splayed out, from the heart, live and real.
i think that a lot of people who enjoy reading other people's blogs get an idea that that person's life is pretty awesome and worry free, perfect little life, etc...
which, for every human being, this is not so.
i am human.
i hurt.
i cry.
i get upset.
all of this right along with all the joy, happiness and love that i do indeed have in abundance in my family!
it's just that i tend to keep my blog on a positve note as much as possible.
who wants to read about negative experiences, bad happenings and problems all the time?
blogging (journaling) is a GREAT way for me to KEEP happy, positive reminders, especially when seeing my photographs, that we really DO have a good life.
so it's very threraputic!!! it keeps things in perspective, and that's why I guess you mostly only read
but trust me, i have the same feelings in my heart as everyone else, and yesterday's post was a NEED to let some of my frustrations out and share my pain with you!!!
...and thank you to all my friends who have sent me comments or private emails to lift our spirits and send us e-hugs to cheer up!!! you ALL mean so much to our family and your encouragement and support is
most valued and special to us!!!
x0x0 back soon...

Monday, May 2, 2011

...sunday update...

what can you do?
what can you say?
...when your heart breaks for you child who has been working so hard for so long to be successful and come SO CLOSE at yesterday's chance to win a provincial respresentative spot at her dance competition?
she actually tied with another dancer winning two 3rds and two 4ths the same...but when it's a Championship class, the math comes down to Judges placings and the other dancer squeaked by, literally,by a measly 13 points.
and there were only 3 rep spots per premier age group.
So. Discouraging.
So. Frustrating.
(while peeking around the corner into the living room last night, this was what i saw...)
...i let her have her sad afternoon. i couldn't fix things for her. i too, was sad with her.
we had decided almost two weeks ago to go to the Canadian Inter-Provincial championships (in Nova Scotia - July ) regardless of winning a Rep spot or not, and had booked a room and registered back then for her competitions already, so we were all really hoping that she would be going as a Rep, but prepared to accept going either way.
Until yesterday. Grr...
it's really hard to stay positive along the way when time after time it's the same kids always winning and showing their bad sportsmanship by bragging how they hardly even practised while walking off the stage after results. Or bragging to your face how "i already knew I was going to be a Rep" before the competition even starts.
It. Gets. Sickening.
life goes on and i had a little talk with her that even though she's sad today, she will look back at the photos and be happy she was a part of it all anyway.
she won 3rd runner up ( which means in this competition, that should one of the other Reps in her class be unable to attend Inter-prov, she would be first in line as the next Rep ) and still won a new trophy to bring home...
there are so many kids that don't even win any medals on days like these and to imagine how they feel after all their preparing too.
ugh, highland dance is no easy sport. and some days we wonder if the stress and pressure it puts on these kids is worth it. but at the end of the day, disheartened or victorious, as a former dancer in my own youth, I believe it teaches them self discipline, self reward and determination to stick with it and carry on. ( and to try your best to ignore the negative comments from other competitors )
there will always be another competition!
( courtney and her new dance teacher susan with her special bunny gift for good luck! )

...this years manitoba representitives and runner ups for Inter-Prov...
...a tough smile to put on...
...and a nonetheless proud hug from susan!
(thanks for being supportive and understanding today!!!!)
while courtney was at her dance competition, as i mentioned in my last post, tyler was at his YBC Bowler of the Year Manitoba wide tournament!
But...seems that no luck ran in our family yesterday as he didn't have such a great day.
he did finish his day with a +26 pins over average, but not near enough to win...
but that's YBC is now done for the year and we are looking forward to his big bowling banquet next week on the 11th....especially tyler!!!

that's that for yesterday.
and since i don't want to finish this post off on a negative note...
on your beautiful wedding...
...and it's sure nice to read good news in the paper today....
i just might frame my winnipeg sun front page of Osama bin Laden's send off wishes to
"burn in hell"!!!! back soon -on a happier note!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


...Speedy Gonzales...
i have been wanting one of these cute little cactuses for my car for a LONG time, and started looking last spring in mexcio...of course with no luck.
our next door neighbors just returned from Arizona and LOOK what they found for me and my new car!!!
i love it!
( even if my friend linda says that the value of my car has decreased with it on it....hahahaha)
...and just a quick little piece of excitement to share with you...
last night tyler bowled in another tournament!
he was elected Bowler of the Month back in october, and at the end of every season, they hold a Bowler of the YEAR tournie for all the recipents.
it's a pins over average competition and tyler went into this event with a 103 Average...
...incredibly, his first game of three last night was 227!!!!
we were sooooo excited for him as this was also his very first over 200 game!
( we being myself, tyler and my mom who came to cheer him on - mike had to take courtney to her dance lesson! ) two was 127, and game three was he finished with a +186 pins over his average...
...and he WON the tournament!!!!
he now has to bowl this sunday afternoon in an accross Manitoba final Bowler of the Year tournament, again with a pins over average determination.
i wont' be able to go and cheer / coach him on as our courtney is also competing in a very important dance competition this sunday's her selection meet championships event that determines the top 3 dancers from each permier class as the Manitoba Reps for the Canadian Inter-Provincial Championships in July...
...and the icing on the cake last night was another SPECTACULAR performance by my favorite Idol,
i think HIS personal best yet too!!!
sooooooo happy for him!

You. Rock. James. back soon...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New one...

...For Oliver...
Sketchbook 3 class, Day 7. back soon...